Design Circle, the platform by Slam Jam and 2050+

Circle, the platform by Slam Jam and 2050+

Giulia Guido

The effects of the pandemic have been countless, and one of these is certainly the immoderate use of computers, smartphones and tablets. We have stopped looking for information on the internet and have started to look for people with whom we can engage in dialogue.
It is precisely this need that led to the creation of Circle, the digital platform by Slam Jam and the 2050+ agency, in January. It is a place where we can have a constructive discussion with other people on issues related to our daily lives and the times we live in.

The starting point for each topic is Milan, a city that wakes up every day ready to face new challenges, from mass tourism to urban development, from climate change to the arrival of foreigners, in order to meet the new needs of its citizens. 

Until mid-February, Circle hosted a series of editorial “pills” focusing on topics such as health, people, waste and green. Then, since mid-February, the platform has hosted a series of contributions by professionals who have so far dealt with issues related to architecture, urban planning and design. 

These contributions are not intended as an end in themselves, but as a starting point to stimulate discussion with anyone who wants to share their ideas. In practice, Circle aims to be a place where, far from sterile criticism, the conversation becomes stimulating and propositional, providing the initial ideas to spark off a healthy debate. 

If you have a thousand ideas and thoughts, but any other online venue seems unsuitable, go to Circle and have your say. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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