Style Clarks Originals x Them Skates, the collaboration we wanted

Clarks Originals x Them Skates, the collaboration we wanted

Andrea Tuzio

If you have at least once in your life happened to put a pair of inline skates on your feet, then you can understand my excitement to learn the news that, one two of my favorite brands and closely related to this world, Clarks Originals, has announced its latest collaboration with Them Skates

The collaboration includes two iconic Clarks Originals silhouettes, Wallabee Boot and Wallabee Cup Mule, reimagined in terms of materials and coloration; and two pairs of the skating brand’s skates, THEM 80s, with 80 mm wheelbase, and THEM 909s, with 58 mm wheels.

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“The Wallabee runs deep in inline skating shoe culture. Just like in hip hop culture in the late nineties, the Wallabee was a staple shoe for the before and after skate lifestyle. Run it back to 1996 and you would see the Wallabee on many skaters and brand advertisements. Naturally, a collaboration with Clark’s Originals and Them Skates was inevitable”, these are the words of Jon Julio, founder of Them Skates.

This collaboration brings together the world of 90s skating and Wallabee’s role in street culture.

L’intera collezione Clarks Originals x Them Skates può essere preordinata già oggi esclusivamente online su e, a partire dal 4 novembre, anche su SSENSE.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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