Colin Kaepernick goes against Nike that calls off the Independence Day release

Colin Kaepernick contests a detail about the Air Max 1 Quick Strick 4th of July and Nike decides to cancel the release of the shoe.

Nike decided to cancel the upcoming release of the Air Max 1 Quick Strick 4th of July that should have been released, precisely, on the occasion of Independence Day. The reason is that Colin Kaepernick contested, to the sportswear giant, an offensive message. 

Colin Kaepernick contatta Nike e fa annullare la release di una sneakers |

But who is Colin Kaepernick and why does his word have so much weight for Nike? He is a sportsman, former NFL player who was expelled for an episode in 2016. During a game, singing the national anthem, he knelt in protest against the violence against black people in the United States. 

Kaepernick was chosen as the face for the 30-year advertising of the slogan “Just Do It” which read “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”. But back to this last minute news. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, which cited several people, who are familiar with this story, the former sportsman contacted directly Nike officials and contest the flag “Betsy Ross” – which is embroidered on the heel of the sneakers – which was linked to a period of slavery and injustice.

As already mentioned the planned output was on July 4. Nike has released to the CNBC the news of having “chosen not to release the Air Max 1 Quick Strick Fourth of July” as it presented an old version of the American flag”. The company continued on this path by asking retailers to return their shoes after shipment. Kaepernick strikes again.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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