x Vans ComfyCush

The Era silhouette, which first appeared in 1976, is maybe one of the most iconic that Vans has ever launched. Created to meet the needs of skateboarding legends Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, who demanded more functionality for their sports performance, today it is still being modified to meet new demands.

The Era ComfyCush is the perfect synthesis between design and comfort, the first remains unchanged, not to disappoint model lovers, while the second increases thanks to the greater support of the arch of the foot due to a structure of foam and rubber co-shape.

To tell the story of the launch of this new technology, we shot an editorial inspired by the photographic project “The struggle to right oneself” by Kerry Skarbakka. A series of shots that capture the instant between flight and landing, the one in which the body is free from gravity, in which it floats lightly before falling.

That exact moment when the constraints cease and a feeling of freedom allows us to do and be everything, even think we can walk on the clouds and feel almost as if it were possible.

Discover the Vans Comfycush here

Production/Creative Direction: Studio
Photography: Marco Aurelio Mendia
Photography assistant: Luca Baldini
Models: Pietro Tirelli & Will Ocean Odiete

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