Behind the artwork – Read our interview with sneaker artist Clémence Chasselon

Illustrations, sculptures, artwork and much more, the world of sneakers does not end only with the Sneakers themselves but continues in the world of art that often contaminates but from which, above all, is contaminated.
A continuous exchange of influences that gives life to beautiful projects, as in the case of the young French sneaker artist Clémence Chasselon and her artworks.
A great lover of experimentation on the most different materials, Clémence works on the soles of sneakers, strictly Nike, decorating them with patterns made of petals or dried leaves.
We asked her a few questions to understand how her idea came about, what it means for her to work on this project and which are her project for the future.
Read our interview here and don’t miss the pictures of her artworks!

Tell us about yourself, what is your background, what did you studied and what are your greatest passions? 
I am a 23 years old french girl who likes to play with the sneaker iconic code. I grew up with love for handmade and experimenting with different materials.

How did you come up with the idea of customizing sneakers soles?
When I moved to my first apartment I knew I would incorporated some of my art. My first try was a piece of rubber sole that I cut from an actual sole of mine then I wanted to bring more creativity to that piece…

Who or what inspires you?
It may sounds cliché but EVERYTHING can inspire me, Instagram is a huge part of my daily routine, I love seeing beautiful pictures, great design and creative stuff.
I am always hunting for new flowers or pattern.

How long does each piece take to create? What’s the hardest thing about the process?
First, I need to create a mold, which I make from my own sneakers soles. Once I’ve created the ones I want, I need to choose what I put in. It is a long process, especially for the pressed flower ones because I have to let them dry before incorporating them in the sole. Each creation is unique, so it depends on my mood. My pieces are made with love; it takes time but it is worth it.

Which are the sneakers you prefer to customize and the one you absolutely want to work on?
Nike is favorite sneaker brand. I want to keep my work around Nike as a tribute.

What’s next for you?   
In the next 3 months my products are gonna be distributed in new shops (secret for the moment), 3 sneaker event in france I’m super excited about that!
Also I’m working on a cool new thing with Girl on Kicks – new projects with new friends!

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