Paura x G-Shock, our interview with the Italian designer Danilo Paura

Born in Calabria, grew up in Rimini and arrived at the top of Italian streetwear. He is Danilo Paura, who since his beginnings in the world of fashion has managed to leave a mark, his mark. 

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His style and irreverence could not help but capture the attention of a brand like G-Shock. From this match comes a new watch, the DW-5600DP-1ER that revisits the timeless classic of the Japanese company, the DW-5600, with a design that plays on the colors of black and white and lettering that reveals the words “PAURA”. It is a collaboration that starts from an indestructible myth and is renewed looking to the future. 

It was on the occasion of the release of the new Paura x G-Shock watch that we had a talk with the Italian designer who told us about this collaboration and much more. 

Tell us about yourself, what is your background, what did you studied and what are your greatest passions?

I studied costume and fashion, but I think that retail was my real gym. The desire to learn in the laboratories also made the difference and from this point of view I’m a bit atypical, I love the truly alive part of things, I like to design a garment, but what I really like is to understand how it is made and then see it realized over time. 
I lived many years in Riccione, which, especially in the 2000s, was an incredible gym that in a way enclosed the world that is now contained in social media, but you lived it in a direct way so the retail was important, like clubbing and the public relations and everything was enclosed in a way of life quite atypical and that was a fundamental experience for me. 
In the beginning, when I was designing my collections, I imagined myself to design something that would allow me to express my personality, to please the selectors and to enter what for me are the clubs that have made history, without being out of place but proposing clothing that could really represent my personality. I started from a need, that is to want to do this and then I used the easiest way in the world to do it: to design for you and hope that others like it. 
In addition, I’ve always tried to use my image to communicate who I am but also to give me the opportunity to enter wherever I wanted. I believe that this is the driving force behind my work. 

Tell us how it was to work with G-Shock and the idea behind this collaboration. 

G-Shock is basically an object, but it is also a symbol of streetwear in general and it was one of those brands that like many, but perhaps more than many others, interpreted the concept of collaboration as an extension of their way of seeing things. 
First of all, I think that the assumption from which G-Shock starts, that is to create indestructible watches, comes from an episode full of romance and emotion. It all starts with a clock that is handed down from a grandfather to a grandson and that, one day, in the subway, breaks down. Hence the need to create something that allows something like this to stop happening, to stop suffering for things like this. This is a wonderful thing for me. I have tried to exalt what for me from indestructible becomes almost immortal, the content contained in its form. I think that the form of G-Shock speaks of infinite content. The fact that you can find a form that makes you recognizable is the highest point that a designer, a creative and anyone who has anything to do with our world can set out to do. 
Given the strength of its form, unquestionable and infinite, even in communication, we have tried to raise this concept. 

I’ll dwell a little more on communication. Compared to the other collaborations, this was intended to be a praise of the group, of the collaborators chosen for this path.
This gave the collaboration a completely different strength. We chose Adriano Cisani as well as c41 to strengthen the message that my network wants to give. Then, besides the creative part, however important, for us, the really different thing – or at least from my point of view – is that we didn’t miss any of the steps and that we gave everything the same importance. Collaborating with a brand is often self-celebrating, something that rewards or strengthens, what I want to do, however, is to create and establish belonging to a network and therefore having chosen this type of creativity symbolized just that, is a sign of identification, is a sign that somehow, even from afar, has the courage to delimit a space of belonging. On a creative level, it was a very difficult thing to do. As far as I’m concerned – but I think for everyone – the synthesis contains the most absolute difficulty, especially when on the other hand you have some creativity to pull out. 
We started from so much creativity, it’s as if we had made the transition that Picasso made when he drew the bull: the first painting, the first canvas was a bull almost hyperrealist, which served to get instead to what we know today, what he wanted to be his work, simply a continuous line that creates the drawing. I did the same thing a bit, I started from a thousand creative steps to then arrive at a synthesis.

How was the passage from the world of clothing to that of accessories, in this case, watches? 

Technically, everything changes. But, like all things, I’m not used to thinking and reflecting on what to do, I worry about how to do it.
 I do things in a very intellectual way and in the end, I can do it regardless of everything, no matter if you have to design a bottle as well as a shoe, an item of clothing or an accessory. 
How I do things gives me the opportunity to experience it in a relaxed way and express content. 
What I do, then, is sometimes just the object to tell me and not so much me that I impose myself or set a goal. It’s like everything is evolving, we’ve come to this after so many steps. So if I had another object in front of me, anything else, I would have approached it with the same mindset but in a different way, because what I think is fundamental is to understand what you mean and find the right way to say it. 
It’s a balance of many things, I’m not worried about what I see in front of me. What I try to evaluate is whether there can be content that can be enhanced and find a different language to get them out. 

Since you started your career, your products and their aesthetics have changed. What is the reason for this change? 

We all change, it would be completely inhuman to stand still, especially for a creative, it would be really destructive to stop. 
I think it’s an evolution and not a change, yes, just an evolution. I’m proud to represent streetwear in Italy and I think I’ve found a way to do it, one that doesn’t deny what was before and that doesn’t have too much interest in aiming at something that I don’t know what it will be right now. What I do is to continue along a path that is made of everyday life. The need I feel today is to give streetwear a more sartorial vision and I can do it with a part of the collection. But I think I’m still careful not to hide behind something that does not belong to me, I’m very proud to continue to do also other things. 
We are used to figures that start from being tailors who become stylists and become designers. Today we are talking about creatives who are close to the figure of the stylist. 
I think today we need a styling, a sartorial garment, but also a sneaker. 
In my collections I try to stylist myself, I continue to do what I like and I have a 360° view of what fashion is and I continue to inform myself and grow. 
As if to say, you will never stop listening to music and even the music you used to listen to when you were 12 can come in handy, the important thing is to know it and not stop. For me it’s the same thing, I want to know how to do everything to be able to choose what to do. I want to know a lot of music so I can choose which song is perfect for that moment in my life. 

Can you tell us something about your next projects? 

I’m talking about everyday life, today we still have another project with Diadora, which in my opinion is something really very beautiful because we are exalting, even more, the Made in Italy, and doing it with a historical brand like Diadora is something I like. I like to talk about Italian style. 
As with Superga, which is an object par excellence, it is the perfect object, a bit like the Cinquecento of shoes, with incredible strength, for its shape, for its indestructibility in its form. 
So there are things in the pipeline, these are the ones I can talk about. For other things, you will have to wait.   

danilo paura x g shock |
danilo paura x g shock |
danilo paura x g shock |
danilo paura x g shock |
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