Art Designate’s campaign for the city of Brighton

Designate’s campaign for the city of Brighton

Emanuele D'Angelo

If one thing is certain is that Brighton is a city like no other with a unique culture. It is a place full of artists, entrepreneurs and creatives.
It has never been normal and it won’t be normal now in these strange times.

From this certainty, the creatives of the Designate agency have created a new campaign for VisitBrighton entitled “Never Normal Brighton”.
For those who don’t know, Brighton is a whaling city located on the south coast of England, about an hour’s train ride south of London, and it is a popular destination.

During the pandemic, we were monitoring how people were reacting to communications around the coronavirus and we knew that the public was tired of hearing the same sad phrases over and over again.

For the agency it was a twofold mission, first, they had to find a way to re-involve residents and their local businesses and induce a sense of pride in the city. Second, we needed to encourage people outside the surrounding area to visit the city for both day trips and longer stays.

So with the help of many residents, beautiful photos were taken, combining captivating images with very irreverent slogans, the campaign wants to showcase the exciting and nonconformist culture of the city.

Looking for the new normal? Keep looking. Brighton is coming back to life, but if you’re looking for the new normal, you might be in the wrong place.

Here are the photos of this beautiful campaign.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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