Art Music, performance and virtual reality: Digitalive returns to Rome

Music, performance and virtual reality: Digitalive returns to Rome

Giulia Guido

The boundary between real and virtual is getting thinner every day. We spend our days at home, in the office, on transport, but also in digital places where we interact with dozens and dozens of avatars. What if this relationship between reality and digital reality were to invade the field of art, music and theatre?
This is exactly what happens at Digitalive, the festival dedicated to digital cultures that opened last 23 September and will continue to offer performances and shows until 9 October. 

The Mattatoio and Auditorium in Rome and the REF site will host a series of cross-over creations between electronic music, performance, video and Virtual Reality works for the duration of the festival.  

Breaking the ice was “Così è (o mi pare) – Pirandello in VR” by and with Elio Germano, a performance that brought Pirandello’s classic “Così è (se vi pare)” into today’s society, but mostly through headphones and visors worn by the audience who suddenly found themselves inside the scene. 


The festival will continue for the next few weeks offering live and online performances, live sets and video installations. Among the names on the programme are Francesco Luzzana, Colin Benders, Marta De Pascalis, Not Waving, fuse*, Mara Oscar Cassiani, Umanesimo Artificiale and Coralie Vogelaar. We invite you to visit the REF website to discover the programme in detail. 

About this fourth edition of Digitalive the curator Federica Patti declared: “Digitalive continues its exploration of digital performance cultures, opening up to new audiences and welcoming the infinite declinations of multimedia liveness. This fourth edition is an X version: X as in cross, X as in extended, an edition in which the concept of com-presence expands. DIGITALIVE continues to narrate the present and cultivate the future, accompanying the spectator to discover the “middle ground”, the liminal, hybrid and fluid spaces between the real and the virtual”. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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