Dope Baroque, the group exhibition at Plan X Art Gallery

Dope Baroque, the group exhibition at Plan X Art Gallery

Giulia Guido · 9 months ago · Art

Plan X Art Gallery reopens its doors and does so with Dope Baroque, an unmissable exhibition, a journey between past and future through the works of three contemporary artists. 

The Spanish artist Julio Anaya Cabanding and the two Italian artists Giampiero Romanò and Francesco de Molfetta propose their personal reinterpretation of Baroque art. The eccentric forms and iconic features of this artistic current blend with the audacity and boldness of the three artists, who propose a journey that starts from the past and catapults the viewer into the future. 

15 JUN – 15 JUL

Born in 1987, Julio Anaya Cabanding proposes a classic work, removing it from its natural habitat and taking it to the street, giving everyone the chance to look at it and enjoy it. 

Giampiero Romanò, born in Milan in 1973, wants to amaze the public with a work that starts from antiques and overturns traditional aesthetic canons.

Finally, Francesco de Molfetta, also from Milan, proposes a bold and ironic vision of classical sculpture, mixing it with elements of contemporary pop culture. 

Dope Baroque can be visited until July 15 at the Plan X Art Gallery in Viale Bianca Maria, 45, Milan, but on the gallery’s website, you can also take a virtual tour of the exhibition. 

Dope Baroque, the group exhibition at Plan X Art Gallery
Dope Baroque, the group exhibition at Plan X Art Gallery
Dope Baroque, the group exhibition at Plan X Art Gallery
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All for the Gram – Video Calmi

All for the Gram – Video Calmi

Emanuele D'Angelo · 4 days ago · Art

There are 167 to date moments of calm, peace and tranquility and what have you, that Video Calmi has given us.
A moment dedicated to all those who are looking for serenity, perhaps from today you finally have your own safe harbor, where you can find yourself.

Relaxing videos for stressful moments.

As every Thursday we are always ready to recommend an Instagram profile that has kidnapped us and in a few seconds, in front of our computer screen, taken us elsewhere.

And really, what’s better than a video to escape the hectic pace of the day? Probably nothing or maybe many other things we can’t say, but for now sit back, relax and watch some videos posted by Video Calmi.

The sea, the countryside and clothes being hung out moments of unquestionable tranquility and calm in a video of just a few seconds, a sort of warning as we understand it. Maybe we should just be more careful and look around us because that calm that we often search for can be just around the corner.

Take a few minutes of time you too, stop and relax extrapolating all that calm that these videos manage to transmit to us.

Discover other Instagram profiles to follow for your daily dose of inspiration.

All for the Gram – Video Calmi
All for the Gram – Video Calmi
All for the Gram – Video Calmi
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All the must-see March 2021’s Netflix films and tv series

All the must-see March 2021’s Netflix films and tv series

Giulia Guido · 3 days ago · Art

As always, we are here to discover the must-see Netflix films, tv-series and documentaries for the month of March. Let’s get started!

Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell: Every legend has his story and Netflix has decided to tell the one destined to become one of the greats of rap and music in general, The Notorious B.I.G.
To find out some tidbits about the documentary coming on March 1st click here, and don’t miss the trailer below!

The Houseboat: In this German miniseries, musicians Fynn Kliemann and Olli Schulz renovate German singer Gunter Gabriel’s house and turn it into a place to make music.
The Houseboat will be available from 9 March.

Love, Death and Robots, Volume 2: Following the success of the first volume released in 2019, here comes the second roundup of short films dedicated to the themes of love, death and robots. We don’t yet know how many shorts there will be in this second volume, but we do know that they will all be available from 15 March.

netflix |

Sky Rojo: After making the whole world dream with Money Heist, Spanish producer Alex Pina is ready to present his new work, this time all female. In fact, the plot says: on the run from their pimp and his henchmen, three women embark on a crazy journey in search of freedom. The cast includes Miguel Ángel Silvestre, already known for his roles in Velvet and Sens8 and who will also be part of the cast of the 5th season of Money Heist. Sky Rojo will be available from 19 March.

The Irregulars: The character of Sherlock Holmes continues to tease TV creators and so here is another series that takes us to 19th century London, to 221B Baker Street. This time, however, the protagonists will be some young outcasts known, in fact, as the Irregulars, who will have to solve supernatural crimes on behalf of the world’s most famous detective and his partner Watson. The Irregulars of Baker Street will be available from 26 March.

All the must-see March 2021’s Netflix films and tv series
All the must-see March 2021’s Netflix films and tv series
All the must-see March 2021’s Netflix films and tv series
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Swatch x MoMA, from the museum to your wrist

Swatch x MoMA, from the museum to your wrist

Giulia Guido · 3 days ago · Art, Style

In one of the most challenging times for museums and galleries around the world, Swatch and MoMA New York have signed a collaboration that will allow some of the museum’s most famous works to be worn on the wrist. 

Swatch x MoMA is a brand new collection of six watches inspired by six masterpieces that will arrive on 4 March. The strong, bold brushstrokes of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, the exotic atmosphere of Henri Rousseau’s The Dream, the lines and colours of Piet Mondrian’s Composition in Oval with Color Planes 1, the graphics of Tadanori Yokoo’s The City and Design, The Wonders of Life on Earth, Isamu Kurita and his New York, and finally the shining gold of Gustav Klimt’s Hope II

To celebrate art at 360°, the Swtch x MoMA watches can be purchased individually or in a package that celebrates the famous New York museum, now a veritable institution, by echoing the design of its famous Blade Stair. 

But that’s not all! Swatch has worked directly with Beatriz Milhazes, a renowned Brazilian artist, and has placed three of her works in the MoMA collection on the Swatch X You platform. 

Thanks to this platform, anyone can create their own watch using the decorative motifs Suculentas Beringelas (Succulent Eggplants), O Espelho (The Mirror), or Meu Bem

On the occasion of the release of Swatch x MoMA, we were lucky enough to ask Beatriz Milhazes a few questions. Don’t miss our interview below! 

swatch x moma Beatriz Milhazes |

How has it been to see three of your works become the decorative motif of Swatch watches? Could you ever have imagined it? 

Well, I understand it in a different way. What is interesting about this project is the fact that my artwork selected from the MoMA collection was made to be seen in person, like the painting called “Succulent Eggplant”. For this project, it became a digital image and every person will be able to choose the composition and customize their Swatch. It will become something physical again, the watch that people will be able to wear and enjoy.

swatch x moma Beatriz Milhazes |

Thanks to this collaboration with Swatch, we have the opportunity to wear one of your artworks and that’s great. But if you had to choose a work of art to turn into an accessory, which one would you choose? 

Thank you for your interest in exchanging ideas. I could not be happier with the Museum selection from their collection. To be part of this project with MoMA and Swatch is a pleasure.

Your works are exhibited in some of the most prestigious museums in the world. When you started did you expect the success you have achieved? 

Not really. My focus was and continues to be on the work and my relationship with my studio practice. It is great to have success but I don’t believe in it. I believe in my work.

You don’t set any limits for yourself when creating your works and you use different materials and medias. Is there one in particular that changed your life when you started using it? that left you amazed? 

Painting is the root of my work. A very important moment for my studio practice was when I discovered in 1989 the technique called recently “Monotransfer”.
This technical openness made it possible for my language in painting to happen and all the other mediums to follow and dialogue with it.

Which advice would you give to young aspiring artists of today?

Things have their time to happen. You just need to focus on what you are doing, and do it!

swatch x moma Beatriz Milhazes |

Swatch x MoMA will be available from 4 March in Swatch shops worldwide, at, at global MoMA Design Stores and at

Swatch x MoMA, from the museum to your wrist
Swatch x MoMA, from the museum to your wrist
Swatch x MoMA, from the museum to your wrist
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“/meta_material” the new fluid installation by Anne Vieux

“/meta_material” the new fluid installation by Anne Vieux

Federica Cimorelli · 3 days ago · Art

It is called “/meta_material”, the new holographic wall installation by Anne Vieux, a New York-based contemporary artist who manages to create experimental visual landscapes capable of pushing the limits of the viewer’s perception between the real and the virtual.

This public art intervention, commissioned by the art organisation Oz Art and organised by the creative agency JUSTKIDS, ended just a few days ago and is located in Bentonville, Arkansas, on the concrete finishing walls of the architectural Skylight cinema building.

“In this piece, I wanted to disrupt the solid geometries of the architecture with a hyperreal fluid painting placed in the landscape. There are two color schemes presenting two very close realities; one in cool tones, scaled up, and another in earthen tones, inverted and zooming out, repeating in the columns.”

– Read also: I’ll bring you flowers, the basketball courts murals by Lakwena

Through art, Anne Vieux breaks and dissolves the boundaries of space, plays with the viewer’s perception and creates futuristic images capable of creating new colourful, hyper-fluid environments open to all.
“/meta_material” reflects on the current cultural-political context, it is a metaphor for a changing and open society in which the frontiers and limits of space open up to union and change.

Find out more, see images from the project here and follow Anne Vieux on Instagram to keep up to date with her upcoming work.

“/meta_material” the new fluid installation by Anne Vieux
“/meta_material” the new fluid installation by Anne Vieux
“/meta_material” the new fluid installation by Anne Vieux
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