Design Dré Wapenaar’s tents hanging from the trees
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Dré Wapenaar’s tents hanging from the trees

Emanuele D'Angelo

If you are looking for a holiday out of the ordinary, Dutch designer Dré Wapenaar has designed drop-shaped tents suspended in trees. Hanging above the ground and accessible via a ladder, the “Tranendreef” tree tents offer a holiday in close contact with nature.

In Belgium, as in Italy, many people are deciding this year to stay close to home and invest in their country’s tourism for their summer holidays.
Thus the Borgloon area, famous for its breathtaking green landscape, has seen a great increase in bookings. Here you can stay in the open ruin of Borgloon-Heers where since 2011 you can also find a large number of open-air works of art.

The “Tranendreef” tents on the trees of Dré Wapenaar are also equipped with field furniture that allow you to sit, wash, use the toilet and barbecue designed by artist Ardie Van Bommel.

The tents are designed for maximum comfort and are not for sale to the general public because they are works of art.
Designed in the 1990s to support environmental activists trying to prevent tree felling, the tents have been exhibited in New York City and throughout Europe.

The tents can accommodate up to two adults and two children.
The costs are around 70 euros per night, they are available until September 30 then they will be removed.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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