The hilarious campaign of the East West Market in Vancouver to use less plastic

13 June 2019

The East West Market in Vancouver, with the help of the Rethink agency, has developed a winning strategy for using fewer plastic bags.

David Lee Kwen, the owner of the East-West Market in Vancouver, a huge supermarket in the city center, has always wanted to reduce plastic waste, especially the excessive use of plastic bags to take home shopping (which could be dispensed with if everyone brought a cloth bag).

After some time and thanks to the help of the Rethink agency, he seems to have found the perfect idea. The goal was not to replace the envelopes with something else but to encourage their customers to bring them from home.

So, the agency and the market decided to focus on just one thing, shame.

Instead of their usual bags, they put simple white envelopes with writings that would make anyone ashamed, that have to do with warts, colon problems or video porn shops.

Walking down the street with one of them on your back is not like carrying an envelope of Chanel under your arm.

east west market rethink |
east west market rethink |
east west market rethink |
east west market rethink |


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