The unreal 3D world built by Emre Önol

12 June 2019

Emre Önol is an art director and motion designer who, on his Instagram profile, publishes his fantastic, absurd and surreal works.

Every art form reflects the historical period in which it was born and the works of art director and motion designer Emre Önol are the perfect mirror of our times. 

First of all, we are talking about a multimedia art that manifests itself in the form of short videos made entirely in digital and 3D. Then, if in 1800 the works of art were officially presented to the company in galleries or art schools, today the best stage for new digital artists is Instagram. 

So, if you take a tour of Emre Önol’s profile you will find yourself in a world that may seem real, but is only a hypnotic illusion. As soon as you get to know his works, you can’t help but look at them all. You will see the collapse of pharaonic bottles of sand Coca-Cola, the invasion of a huge snake on his subway train or an injection of Smarties. 


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