Etherea, the transparent sculptures of Edoardo Tresoldi for Coachella Festival

This story sees as its characters one of most famous and anticipated music festival in the world and an Italian artist in the Forbes’ list of the most influent artists in Europe.

The Milanese artist, Edoardo Tresoldi, has been called to realize one of his architectonic wonders for the most loved event in the American spring, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The installation is called Etherea and it’s the most massive one that Edoardo has ever done, as well as in the history of the festival itself: composed by three sculptures in metallic net, the favorite raw material of the artist and his signature, with a neoclassic and baroque style, each one different from the other for dimensions, it reproduces a place of contemplation where the man and the sky seem to be closer thanks to its transparency and optical effects.

Who will casually be there with our great envy can take a walk inside Etherea still for the next weekend.

All images © Roberto Conte



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