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What we loved at Milan Design Week 2018

Claire Lescot
Design Week 2018 Bar Anne 2 |

The Design Week this year has made an All-Inn playing all the playable and striking with a + 26% of attendance compared to last year. Finding the best projects among all those that have proliferated uncontrollably this week has not been easy. A matryoshka of endless events in the Caribbean climate version of Milan where only the superpower of ubiquity would have allowed us to visit everything.
Below is our report divided by the categories that we thought were most salient:

The Most bizarre event

In a former industrial area was staged a real Funeral party for Potalove with music a background of Bach and several musicians lying in colored and essential coffins readjustment to chests that have sung some pieces of Depeche Mode followed by Rosalba Piccinini (the creator of the ‘event) that sang ‘Let me cry’ by Handel. Design beyond death.

Design Week 2018 funeral party 1 | Design Week 2018 funeral party 2 | Design Week 2018 funeral party 3 |

The Secret Party

A completely different nature the secret party of Studiopepe with Club Unseen: a refined, avant-garde and cinematic-inspired project set up in a 19th-century warehouse in Piazza Tricolore and thought down to the last detail: a conceptual tattoo transferable as a stamp to enter, butlers, drinks, sophisticated music and a Black Mirror-style bar. The main feature of the club was an installation based on cocktail preparation designed to put the accent on the gestures of the mixologist; the bar has become a stage in which the art of “Made by hand” was recited through a theatrical horizontal opening that framed the hands of the bartenders.

Design Week 2018 Club Unseen 2 | Design Week 2018 Club Unseen 1 |

The Evergreen

Nilufar Gallery and Dimore Studio confirm their wonderful rediscoveries. In the first one, we hit the temporary nightclub designed by India Mahdavi, Chez Nina, dedicated to the founder of the gallery Nina Yashar who has delighted the view with a combination of multicolor velvet sofas with sinuous shapes, geometric silk walls, vintage pieces and a spectacular floor.

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran from Dimore Studio instead surprised us with Transfer: an installation consisting of tents that reminded travelers in their different atmospheres: The Silk Road, The Italian Campsite, The Blue Coast Beach, The Arab Harem, The Room of a Medium. The curtains were placed in the middle of dark rooms where visitors could see the interior through windows that served as a lighthouse in the darkness. Each space had its own scent and its own soundtrack and inside each tent there were pieces of past and present collections combined with intimate objects. It was worth the interminable queue at the entrance.

Design Week 2018 chez nina 2 |
Design Week 2018 chez nina |
Design Week 2018 dimore studio 4 | Design Week 2018 dimore studio 1 | Design Week 2018 studio pepe 4 |

Top Bar and Rooftop

 One of the most Instagrammed neon installations of this Fuorisalone was certainly the one at Anne Bar, set up at the Diocesan Museum and created by the Dutchmen of Space Encounters x Children Of The Light where it was possible to dance inside colored light arches where the end could not be seen but also relax on the adjacent lawn. For the Rooftop party we chose the Floristeria in the heart of Ventura Lambrate: a post-industrial environment with views of the city and various DJ sets.


Design Week 2018 Bar Anne 3 | Design Week 2018 Bar Anne 2 | Design Week 2018 Bar Anne 1 |
Design Week 2018 floristeria 2 | Design Week 2018 floristeria | Design Week 2018 floristeria |

The news

 This year’s novelty was FuturDome in Loreto. The restoration of the Art Nouveau building in which the last futurists used to meet was an experiment that combined conservative restoration with art and connected authors, artists, students and companies in a new project. Interesting contemporary art projects of the various design faculties dedicated to various themes including the future of the human species. The ride to the adjacent Le Dictateur was a must; here Federico Pepe and Patricia Urquiola presented Do not treat me like an object, a virtual reality project in which: ”Objects cease to be only matter and form and function and are reconfigured as entities with feelings, predictive and interactive abilities and empathetic”.

Design Week 2018 Futurdrome 4 | Design Week 2018 Futurdrome 3 | Design Week 2018 Futurdrome 2 | Design Week 2018 Futurdrome 1 |

The prizes

Among the awarded installations, our favorite was David Rockwell’s The Diner at Ventura Centrale, which won as ” Best Engagement ” at the Milan Design Award: “For the quality of the recreated environment and for the kind of proposed involvement that suggests a trip entrancing and evocative space/time “.

Design Week 2018 Diner 6 | Design Week 2018 diner 4 | Design Week 2018 diner 2 | Design Week 2018 Diner 1 |

The other winners were:

”Best Technology”Panasonic Transition: “For the project’s ability to return an experience of technology as intangible as it is unique and relevant, enveloping the visitor and proposing a sensorial orchestration of extraordinary impact”

Design Week 2018 TRANSITION PANASONIC| Collater.alDesign Week 2018 TRANSITION PANASONIC|

”Best Sustainability” – 3D Housing 05 by Massimiliano Locatelli of CLS with Italcementi, Arup and Cybe: “For having proposed a concrete and sustainable solution in the architectural project in a perfect balance between material quality and emotional experience”

Design Week 2018 Best Sustainibility |

”Unicorn” – Giants with Dwarf by Stephan Hurlemann for Horgenglarus: “For the courageous intuition in proposing a physical, archaic and amusing interaction, giving a soul to an archetype of design like the chair”

Design Week 2018 Giants 1| Design Week 2018 Giants 2|

”Best Playfulness” – Hidden Senses by Sony Design: “For the rediscovery of the senses through endless interactions with everyday objects, transformed into sophisticated gaming opportunities and spells where technology is no longer afraid “

Design Week 2018 Hidden Senses |

”Milan Design Award 2018” – Monster Cabaret By Lasvit: ”Rewards the installation that best interprets the contemporary design and the future conceptual vision”

Design Week 2018 Lasvit|

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Written by Claire Lescot
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