Art Everything that happened at the Pepsi Diner

Everything that happened at the Pepsi Diner

Giulia Guido

It was impossible to miss—the Pepsi Diner, which has painted the streets of central Milan white, black, red, and blue since the end of May.

Pepsi celebrated a rebranding that brought new and sparkling energy along with its consumers and fans. It did so for more than two weeks in the most American way possible: by opening a diner and offering a schedule of evenings that would have thrilled even the most skeptical.

The public was welcomed by a place comparable to an immersive installation, complete with a tunnel at the entrance, photo opportunities, and arcade video games—exactly the kind we always wanted in our childhood bedrooms. Neon lights, foosball tables, and mouth-watering hamburgers were also part of the scene.

The entertainment for two evenings was curated by us at, opting for two different types of entertainment while staying in tune with the latest trends. Kicking things off were the sharp jokes of Salvo Di Paola, Nanni Mascena, and Roberto Anelli. The young talents of The Comedy Club did not disappoint: sure, eating while laughing was challenging, but it was worth it.

We didn’t forget about the music, but we steered clear of the usual soulless DJ sets. Mirko Gottarelli brought a new and original rhythm to the Pepsi Diner. Instruments and musical tracks are a thing of the past; the keyword of the evening was beatbox. Once home, we tried to imitate Mirko, but the result wasn’t quite the same.

While waiting for the next opportunity to celebrate with Pepsi again, you can listen to Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo, talk on Spigola about the rebranding and what it means to be part of a company that, let’s admit it, we would all love to be part of.

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Written by Giulia Guido
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