Art Pepsi Celebrates Its New Logo in Milan

Pepsi Celebrates Its New Logo in Milan

In Italy, Pepsi will celebrate its new era by inaugurating a temporary experience. From Friday, May 24th to Monday, June 10th, the Pepsi Diner, a diner in classic American style, will open in Milan.
Giulia Guido

Few brands have embedded themselves so deeply and on so many levels as Pepsi. As soon as we hear its name, our minds travel from TV series to movies, from music to sports, not to mention the fantastic commercials that punctuate its history. Pepsi recently celebrated its 125th anniversary and has decided to reinvent itself, without ever betraying its essence, by presenting its new logo in Italy.

A History Spanning Over 125 Years

Pepsi nasce a New Bern, nella Carolina del Nord, nel lontano 1893 grazie agli esperimenti del farmacista Caleb Bradham che si era posto l’obiettivo di creare una nuova bevanda rinfrescante e dissetante. Fin dai primi anni del 1900, la bevanda inizia a diffondersi in modo capillare fino a conquistare anche i paesi oltreoceano: una crescita esponenziale in termini di produzione e di popolarità, complice il boom prima della televisione e poi di internet, mezzi che Pepsi ha sempre dimostrato di saper sfruttare al massimo.
Oggi il nome di Pepsi è profondamente legato a quello di star come Cindy Crawford, Ray Charles, Beyoncè, Tina Turner, i Queen, Britney Spears e molti altri, ma anche a eventi sportivi come il Super Bowl, radicandosi sempre più nella società e diventando molto di più di una bibita ma simbolo della cultura pop.

Pepsi was born in New Bern, North Carolina, back in 1893 thanks to the experiments of pharmacist Caleb Bradham, who aimed to create a new refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage. From the early 1900s, the drink began to spread widely, eventually conquering overseas markets as well: an exponential growth in terms of production and popularity, aided by the boom of first television and then the internet, mediums that Pepsi has always shown a knack for leveraging to the fullest. Today, the name Pepsi is deeply connected to stars like Cindy Crawford, Ray Charles, Beyoncé, Tina Turner, Queen, Britney Spears, and many others, as well as to sporting events like the Super Bowl, increasingly rooting itself in society and becoming much more than just a drink but a symbol of pop culture.

The New Brand Identity

Always a promoter of unique and timeless initiatives that put the consumer at the center, Pepsi has refreshed its identity starting with the logo. Retaining its characteristic elements like the circular shape and the brand name in the foreground, the new logo also introduces the Pulse: a nod to the ripple, pop, and fizz typical of opening a can of Pepsi, and at the same time, a graphic representation of the rhythm and energy of music—an essential part of the brand’s heritage.

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The Pepsi Diner in Milan

In Italy, Pepsi will celebrate its new era by inaugurating a temporary experience: from Friday, May 24th to Monday, June 10th, at Via Tommaso Grossi 12 in Milan (just steps away from Piazza Cordusio), the Pepsi Diner will open, a diner in classic American style. Each night it remains open, the Pepsi Diner will offer different types of entertainment to the public.

Among other evenings, two will be hosted by

It starts on May 29th with an event entirely dedicated to stand-up comedy, featuring three stand-up comedians: Salvo Di Paola from The Comedy Club, accompanied by Nanni Mascena and Roberto Anelli. It continues on June 10th with the talent of Mirko Gottarelli, with a performance that will take beatboxing to a whole new level.

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Written by Giulia Guido
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