Art The exciting illustrations by Jayde Perkin

The exciting illustrations by Jayde Perkin

Emanuele D'Angelo
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Jayde Perkin is a freelance illustrator based in Bristol, UK.
An artist capable of creating a visual dialogue with the words of an author, adding not only a different perspective to a text but infusing it with an intense atmosphere of personal expression.
She creates hand-painted illustrations for a wide range of clients, as well as writing and making comics.
Jayde Perkin is a reflective storyteller who uses painting not only to elevate or decorate a story but also to inject it with a personal sense of emotion and feeling.

Although she already has numerous collaborations and some with illustrious clients, the English illustrator dedicated herself completely to art only a few years ago.
The death of her mother shook her emotionally and not only, so in about 2016 she started drawing, translating her feelings into illustrations, space “to make sense of my pain” and while in the beginning, but it was also just for herself.
From the very beginning, the support was incredible and she started to collect a lot of praise for her work.

Soon she will publish his new book “I’m not ready“, where he put a big part of life. In putting her personal story, her thoughts and feelings on the table for everyone to read, the artist hopes that those who have or are going through similar situations can take comfort from I’m Not Ready. “Pain, by nature, makes us feel lonely. So if I can help make those who have suffered or are suffering less lonely, then that’s wonderful.”

With her watercolors and illustrations, Jayde Perkin is able to accompany us on a wonderful introspective journey, to rediscover ourselves and our fears.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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