Design Exspozita Building, the green project for Tirana

Exspozita Building, the green project for Tirana

Emanuele D'Angelo
Ekzposita building |

The young Italian architect Mario Cucinella has designed the “Exspozita Building” that will rise in the capital of Albania, Tirana.
It will be a unique building 93 meters high, including commercial, residential and public spaces.
An unusual shape, a complex design that pays a lot of attention to the climate of the capital, called “humid temperate”, with summers reaching a peak of 30°. The Exspozita building will in fact be highly thermally insulated, i.e. it will not benefit from heating and air conditioning.
The design team has calculated that the building will consume about 30% less energy than the other complexes.

The architecture will reach its maximum height at the rear and will take its cue from the Balkan mountains, in particular from Mount Dajti.
The project will be developed on a total of 24 floors and each of them will have its own function.
On the lower floors will be parking lots and other large offices for the health area. On the ground floor, however, the building will consist of large commercial spaces, while the upper floors will be used for comfortable private residences.
The project does not stop here, however, will also include a second building, slightly smaller, which will be divided into two floors and will be used as a nursery.
On all levels there will also be a very large selection of plants and flowers, which will give the building a unique view.

The architect Cucinella tried to make the most of the rectangular plot of the Exspozita building, cutting the corners of the building will create a space open to the public, where you can relax.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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