Art The paintings hidden by the color of Lino Lago

The paintings hidden by the color of Lino Lago

Giulia Ficicchia
I dipinti nascosti dal colore di Lino Lago | 1

It seems there is a certain pleasure on scraping something off a surface to discover its real nature: the reason could be the wait, the curiosity, the satisfaction.

This simple game inspired the Spanish artist, Lino Lago, who has realized in his latest series, Fake Abstract, some paintings, whose subjects are partially revealed from the color that covers them. A gesture more precise than scraping off, it seems like the rubber of Paint or a finger has been used on them and the gift that we receive is not money or similars, but a crack of beauty, the face of a woman that had lived several centuries ago.

The question that raises in the minds of the curious ones is if Lino painted all the portrait of these mysterious characters, before covering them with color, or if they found space where the color wasn’t present. In this case, scraping off would be really useful.


Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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