Federer vs Nadal, the two tennis players shine in the ATP video

7 June 2019

The Roland Garros Semifinal which will see Federer v. Nadal is starting and ATP has gathered their best moments in an amazing video.

When one of the two Roland Garros semifinals sees Federer against Nadal everything else doesn’t matter anymore, it doesn’t matter the names of the two tennis players who will join the other semifinals, maybe it doesn’t even matter who, in the end, will raise the cup to the sky. 

The match between Swiss and Spanish has been going on for 15 years and continues to fascinate us. You don’t have to be a big fan to understand that Federer vs Nadal is always an epoch-making event and that out of respect, a bit for them, a bit for this sport, a bit for history, you have to stay attached to the TV from the beginning to the end, from heating to when the stands empty. 

It was 2004, when Roger and Rafa clashed. After that first match there were 37 more (on which Nadal dominates with 23 victories) and in a few hours will play the 39th. 

Some give the Spaniard as a favourite, others are convinced that the King will not disappoint even this time. 

The fact is that the two, always against each other, have rewritten the history of modern tennis and, precisely for this reason, ATP, the Association of Tennis Professionals has enclosed in a video their best moments, those that everyone remembers, their victories and their defeats, the impossible shots, that watching them still comes to us to exult. 

“If you can’t be excited about this one, you’re watching the wrong sport.”

federer vs nadal atp | Collater.al
federer vs nadal atp | Collater.al
federer vs nadal atp | Collater.al
federer vs nadal atp | Collater.al


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