Art Who Is The Artist Of The First Portrait Of King Charles?

Who Is The Artist Of The First Portrait Of King Charles?

Giorgia Massari

Not exactly conventional Charles’ first portrait as king, his artist is called a kitsch crapola artist by critic Jerry Saltz – according to the Urban Dictionary “crapola” is used to describe a “shitty” situation or object that is unworthy of a real adjective. We are talking about artist Jonathan Yeo, who is already known for having portrayed Camilla, now queen consort of the United Kingdom, in 2018 and Philip, at the time Duke of Edinburgh, years earlier. The portrait was unveiled yesterday, May 14, at Buckingham Palace and also presented publicly on Instagram with a post shared in collaboration between the Royal Family’s account and that of the British portrait artist born in 1970. Celebrities are definitely the favorite subjects of Yeo, whose artistic output ranges from Paris Hilton to Giancarlo Esposito. All portrayed with the same oil-on-canvas technique that demonstrates impeccable realism combined with a digital effect that has been outdated for a few years now.

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Comments on social: “I don’t have a good feeling looking at this portrait”

Returning to the portrait of King Charles, everything revolves around the super-dominant color red. While passion defines it, we cannot say that this was the best choice. Many users went wild under the post with less than kind comments, such as “a head without a body floating in blood” or even more “he looks like he’s in hell”; “I don’t have a good feeling looking at this portrait” and others far worse. In short, public opinion does not seem to have appreciated the work of Jonathan Yeo, who downplays it by adding a butterfly flying over the shoulder of the king, here dressed in the uniform of the Welsh Guards. A fairy tale detail that in a way only heightens the eerie feeling shared by all. Like it or not, Yeo is undoubtedly making quite a splash and, after all, isn’t that what matters?

Written by Giorgia Massari
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