Ragusa is ready for the fifth edition of FestiWall

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On the occasion of the fifth edition of FestiWall, the international festival of public art, international artists will gather in Ragusa to celebrate street art.

WHERE: Ragusa, Italy
WHEN: 9 - 15 SEP
9 September 2019

Since its first edition in 2015, FestiWall, the International Festival of Public Art, has been one of the unmissable events in September. 

This year, from Monday 9 to Sunday 15 September, the city of Ragusa will host national and international artists in order to celebrate street art through a full calendar of unmissable events, from concerts and DJ sets to workshops and Poetry Slam. 

The Skate Park, inaugurated for the occasion by the mayor of the city, will be the beating heart of all activities, from concerts, such as that of jazz player Francesco Cafiso, to workshops and workshops. Among the latter, we highlight those of Giovanni Robustelli on the sign gesture and Sergio Garau on the contemporary poetry of the slammer. Do not miss the meeting with Diego Fagga, the architect Mauro Filippi and the artistic director of FestiWall Vincenzo Cascone who will let go to free reflections on the theme of public art. 

The Skate Park will also host the national final of Poetry Slam, a real form of art that aims to promote the spread of poetry without too high demands. 

But, as always, the real protagonists of the FestiWall will be the murals made by famous artists who, for this year, will all be concentrated in the Zona Industriale of the city, except for one that comes to life in the headquarters, namely Trajectories and Forms by Argentine Elian Chali. This is the first work of the fifth edition and covers, in fact, the entire surface of the sports facility. With the style that made it unmistakable, Elian has created a mural of abstract shapes that plays with the primary colors and their overlap. 

Not far away, the second mural was created, signed by Case Maclaim, a German street artist, known for being one of the founders of contemporary moralism. It will continue with the work of the Polish artist M-City, who will work on the walls of a former factory of bituminous material. M-City is known internationally thanks to its murals that blend man and machine and made with a stencil technique.

Case Maclaim FestiWall 2019 | Collater.al

The program also includes another Argentinean exponent, Fasoli aka Jaz, an artist who always deals with issues related to current affairs and politics; the Italian Ciredz, who manages to combine architecture and the power of nature in his work; and, last but not least, the Spanish street artist Ampparito, ready to upset the festival with his provocative style.

FestiWall does not forget, however, the land that hosts it and will celebrate the native artists through a Graffiti jam during which the best Sicilian street artists will work together in a collective work.  

With this fifth and last edition, FestiWall completes the goal set 5 years ago, that is to give new life to peripheral and abandoned areas, demonstrating that street art has the power and the strength to restore value to entire areas of a city and that it can be the starting point to build, even, an entire community. 

Elian Chali FestiWall 2019 | Collater.al
Elian Chali FestiWall 2019 | Collater.al
Elian Chali FestiWall 2019 | Collater.al
Elian Chali FestiWall 2019 | Collater.al
Case Maclaim FestiWall 2019 | Collater.al
Case Maclaim FestiWall 2019 | Collater.al
Case Maclaim FestiWall 2019 | Collater.al


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