Art A month of events to celebrate the first year of UNIQLO’s LifeWear in Milan

A month of events to celebrate the first year of UNIQLO’s LifeWear in Milan

Giulia Pacciardi

To say thank you to Milan and its incredible welcome, UNIQLO has decided to celebrate its first year of activity with a full calendar of events to be held from mid-September to mid-October in the large store in Piazza Cordusio.
The initiatives conceived by the brand, as well as aiming to strengthen the link between Japanese and Milanese tradition, want to help the city regain its sociality and support local activities that have suffered a sharp slowdown in the last period due to the lockdown.

All the events are designed to contribute to the future and rebirth of the city of Milan and fully reflect UNIQLO’s LifeWear philosophy, which allows all the brand’s garments to be perfect pieces in their design and above all in their awareness.
UNIQLO Lifewear’s mission, as well as always respecting the values of simplicity, quality, and longevity, is to collaborate in scientific, artistic, and cultural progress with awareness and respect for the current global situation.

The date set for the beginning of the celebrations is September 15th, when a traditional Japanese dance show – Nihon Buyō – will animate the space in front of the Flagship Store.
The Flower Market in collaboration with Blooming Milano will be set up in the internal garden and a new installation dedicated to the UT Basquiat line will be exhibited on the first floor. 

To celebrate the LifeWear soul of UNIQLO its Cashmere will be dressed in 50 different colors and, from September 21st, the brand will also reveal the secrets of seamless winter garments thanks to the 3D Knit Machine on display inside the shop.

But that’s not all, what makes the celebrations even more special are 4 local artists, Stefano Colferai, Tomoko Nagao, Erasmo Ciufo and Uros Mihic, who have conceived 4 workshops that will allow participants to live new and creative experiences inside the shop.
In addition to the workshops, the artists have also created a UT collection inspired by their art that cannot be purchased but only won through registration on the anniversary page.

Another important collaboration is the one between illustrator and graphic designer Fabio Buonocore and Gastronomia Yamamoto, whose limited edition t-shirt will be sold at Gastronomia Yamamoto, and the proceeds will be donated to the realities that have been most impacted by the pandemic. 

The calendar of workshops will be inaugurated on September 18th with the workshop dedicated to Origata, but in order to keep up with all the events organized by UNIQLO for its fans, we suggest you visit the website dedicated to the whole initiative that you can find here.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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