Photography Sand Creatures, the photographic project by Claire Droppert

Sand Creatures, the photographic project by Claire Droppert

Giulia Guido

Do you know when looking at a cloud you recognize in its shape that of an animal or an object? And often you discover that the person next to you sees exactly the opposite of what you see? Claire Droppert plays with her and our ability to see the elements of nature in a different way with her photographic series “Sand Creatures“. 

Reading and discovering Claire’s art, the thing that caught my attention the most was the phrase in the Bio of her Instagram profile “Dutch Photographer capturing Sounds of Silence”. Photographing Sounds of Silence seemed to me at first an ambitious goal, then I just had to scroll a little bit through the gallery to understand that there could not be a more suitable phrase to describe her style. 

Among her works, today we present “Sand Creatures”, which began with a first part in 2014 and continued with a second last year. The shots in this series were taken by Claire on the beaches in Holland and show clouds of sand captured in mid-air, between the blue of the sky and the white of the beach. 
The sand thrown in the air creates shapes that seem to come to life, becoming real sand creatures.

“Sand Creatures” is part of a larger project called “Gravity” that explores different elements of nature, all captured in mid-air, as if they were living in a world without gravity.
We have selected only a few shots of Claire Droppert, but to find out more visit her site and follow her on Instagram

Written by Giulia Guido
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