Art Food for thought, the illustrations of Maisy Summer

Food for thought, the illustrations of Maisy Summer

Federica Cimorelli

It is often said that art is like food for the mind, and we think this is true. Food and art are two different and apparently opposing ingredients which, however, regulate two important needs that nourish the human being: primary and intellectual needs.
Maisy Summer, an English illustrator and animator, is perhaps the most suitable example in this context. She is an artist who has started to make food the main subject of her works and to treat her creativity just as one should treat ingredients in the kitchen.

Manchester-based Maisy Summer is a freelance artist, Assistant Professor of Illustration and Animation at Manchester School of Art and part of the team at Small Fry, a creative network that organises events, conferences and workshops.

Her style is much closer to narrative illustration than graphic illustration, her aim with drawing is to document and tell stories from the world around her. Although her food drawings have stolen our hearts a little, Maisy is not just about that, her works tell stories of different communities and have a long process of study and research behind them.

In any case, whether they contain food or not, her illustrations seem to be made as one would a recipe. Each composition has the right balance of ingredients, strokes and colours, and her artistic research seems to select each medium and material as if in a shopping cart. Maisy Summer combines traditional and digital media, brings pencils and pastels, mixes colours and tones and builds illustrations rich in texture and layers.

Her designs conceal a complex craft process and are joyful, inviting and engaging works.
See a selection here, follow her on Instagram and visit her personal website to find out more.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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