Design Samsung continues to surprise with the new Galaxy Buds Pro earphones
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Samsung continues to surprise with the new Galaxy Buds Pro earphones

Giulia Guido
samsung galaxy buds pro

After months of sitting around, it’s time to get some action, but to do that you need to be properly equipped.
Think of special agents, from the classic 007 to the more modern Captain America, what accompanies them on every impossible mission? Almost invisible earpieces, always ready to be activated and to receive super-secret information.

To fulfill all our desires comes Samsung with its new Galaxy Buds Pro. These wireless earphones combine high performance with an elegant, innovative and ergonomic design: in short, they are an accessory that you can not live without.

Let’s find out more!

First of all, they have an immersive 360° audio system that, thanks to the active noise cancellation and customizable, allows you to make business calls even at the gym or restaurant without being afraid of not being able to hear the words of your boss or to totally enjoy the sound design of a movie. And no, don’t worry about getting halfway through with a dead battery and having to pause because with fast charging and a battery that provides 8 hours of playback your rewatch of all Marvel movies is assured.

Galaxy Buds Pro

But it doesn’t end there! Just like Iron Man, thanks to voice recognition, the Galaxy Buds Pro will be your personal J.A.R.V.I.S., ready to start calls, music or podcasts. Just tell them.

You’ll never want to part with an accessory like this, which is why the earbuds are splash-proof and ready to show off in the pool or bath without fear of damage. But if you should lose sight of them for a moment, don’t panic! With your smartphone, through the SmartThings app, it will be easy and fast to find them and even know the last place where they were used.

Are you convinced? Click the button below to be catapulted into the world you’ve always dreamed of!

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Galaxy Buds Pro
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Written by Giulia Guido
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