Friends Turns 25 – Revisit The Most Unforgettable Music Moments

Friends Turns 25 – Revisit The Most Unforgettable Music Moments

Claudia Maddaluno · 5 months ago · Music

The famous comedy Friends debuted on NBC in the fall of 1994, running for a decade with its 236 episodes (basically more than a combined tally of Lost and Orange Is The New Black).

It worked because at that time we didn’t need a TV that worked like a cinema: we liked to watch some anti-cinematic American comedies that were full of hilarious dialogues, ridiculous situations, and jokes. After all, the Friends‘ winning formula was the familiarity: we spent so many nights watching Friends episodes just to get into the lives of those six friends in New York (and we were really interested in their stories).

We can’t stop watching it even now not just because it feels like a golden age in our adolescence but also because those “Friends” have become our second family in a decade.

The Rembrants sing in the opening theme “I’ll Be There For You” and so it was: they’re there and they’ll always be, like real friends.

Here’s a rundown of our favourites music moments from Friends to celebrate its anniversary.

The one with U2’s With or Without You 📻

The one with Phoebe’s hit: Smelly Cat 🐱

The one when Ross debut as musician 🎹

Rachel sings Copacabana 🌴

Chandler and Phoebe duet 🎧

The one where they all sing Marcel’s favourite song 🐒

The wrong mixtape 🔇

The romantic one where Chandler propose Monica 💍

Friends Turns 25 – Revisit The Most Unforgettable Music Moments
Friends Turns 25 – Revisit The Most Unforgettable Music Moments
Friends Turns 25 – Revisit The Most Unforgettable Music Moments
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10 videos you need in your life this week

10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno · 5 months ago · Music

Tyler, The Creator – A BOY IS A GUN

Another week, another guide to the videos you need to watch. Let’s start with the best of them all: Tyler, The Creator’s new visual for the track A BOY IS A GUN. In the clip we find IGOR (the alter-ego of Tyler, The Creator we met in his latest album) idling in an opulent mansion that seems like a labyrinth with no exit.

Devendra Banhart – Taking A Page

I don’t know if you’ve already listen to the latest Devendra Banhart album Ma, released last week. It’s something very similar to a diamond, precious but very fragile. It has immense value, so great that it’s difficult to handle it.
Perhaps it’s the only fragile thing that has the power to make us fragile.

Princess Nokia – Sugar Honey Iced Tea

and the winner is… PRINCESS NOKIA

Okay Kaya – Ascend And Try Again

Norwegian-born Kaya Wilkins has returned under her moniker Okay Kaya, with the first single from her sophomore album, out next year. The track came to be after the singer was offered a role in a Swedish film that would have her playing a professional-grade scuba diver. Despite she had to pass up the opportunity for medical reasons, she had been inspired to explore her relationship with water.
In the clip for Ascend and Try Again, we find Kaya swimming in a volcanic hot spring in Japan. Take a deep breath because it could leave you breathless.

DIIV – Blankenship

The release of Deceiver is approaching.

M83 – Feelings

The wait is finally over for M83’s new album. DSVII comes out today and is also accompanied by the video for Feelings that will appeal to all NSFW fans.

Jerkcurb – Air Con Eden

We really wanted to create a utopian space, and stole tonnes of references from ‘50s greeting cards, architectural models and classic MGM stage designs.” I guess we could say that the mission accomplished.

Ryan Beatty – Dark Circles

Brockhampton and Tyler, The Creator collaborator Ryan Beaatty has shared the video for Dark Circles starring Jim Lopez as a trumpet player who mets a terrible end.

Masego – Big Girls (Live)

The live you need this week.

Will Joseph Cook – The Dragon

Will Joseph Cook’s new track sees the artist touching on the ongoing climate crisis. As Will explains, the accompanying video “does not contain any useful advice regarding the solution to humanity’s numerous existential crises”. It’s about working it out and finding the real solutions.

10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
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Everything We Know so Far About Kanye’s New Album ‘Jesus Is King’

Everything We Know so Far About Kanye’s New Album ‘Jesus Is King’

Claudia Maddaluno · 5 months ago · Music

[Update] Jesus is King is out now! Listen to it here!

Ok, it’s the day before the day.

Kanye West’s new album Jesus Is King was announced by his wife Kim Kardashian in August with a September 27 release date.

But when we talk about Kanye the skepticism is rife, especially since he announced the Yandhi album via Twitter last year and never released it
because it wasn’t ready yet (two months after the scheduled date).

A year has passed, Yandhi has never been released, and our hopes are now all placed on Jesus Is King, the awaiting album that comes after the Sunday Service experience.
The title and tracklist of the album seem to be related to religion: as is known, since the beginning of the year the Wests carry on the Sunday Service tradition, a weekly service that focuses heavily on music. Sunday after Sunday Kim and Kanye held our service in different places, turning the tradition of the Black Church into something more glamorous.
In this affair that is part church, part gospel performance, and part fashion business Kanye seems to be the head of the service hosting friends such as Chance The Rapper and Kid Cudi.

Not long after the first Sunday Service, this tradition went viral and we feel that it’s going to be an important part of Kanye’s career. So we expect that Jesus Is King will be the culmination of this Sunday Service experience.

We don’t know if Jesus Is King will be released or not but here’s everything we know so far about the album.

Title and tracklist

Visualizza questo post su Instagram

Un post condiviso da Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) in data:

On Thursday, August 25 Kim Kardashian shared what seemed to be a tracklist for a new Kanye West album called Jesus Is King with a September 27 release date.
The photo included a Bible opened to Psalm 57:6 where we read: “They spread a net for my feet my soul was despondent. They dug a pit before me, but they themselves have fallen into it! Selah”.
That “Selah” at the end of the psalm is also a track of the album.


During the Sunday Service Easter at Coachella Kanye performed an unreleased track titled “Water” which is in the Jesus Is King‘s tracklist.

The biblical references

Behind the track titles, we read a lot of biblical references. “Garden” maybe alludes to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived before the Original Sin. “Selah” is found frequently at the end of psalms but we don’t know what it means. “Baptized” could be referred to the baptism, the ritual of purification for committing the Original Sin.
“Water” could be related to the important symbol in Christianity.
However, each title suggests a reference to the Bible and we know that Kanye’s appropriation of religious iconography and symbols can already be seen in The Life of Pablo.

What will ‘Jesus is King’ sound like?

We are expecting the album to be gospel and sound similar to the music Kanye has been playing during his Sunday Services. The tracklist and the previously-teased “Water” seems to reflect this theory.

West’s new album may be delayed

As anticipated in the intro, it may be that we will not listen to Jesus Is King tomorrow, not ever.
There’s a recent rumor that West will miss the planned release date of Friday, September 27. According to Joe Coscarelli of The New York Times, West is currently in Wyoming where a group of Def Jam executives has traveled for a “come-to-Yeezus meeting”:

However, Kim Kardashian retweeted a countdown for the album

I guess we just have to wait until tomorrow.

Everything We Know so Far About Kanye’s New Album ‘Jesus Is King’
Everything We Know so Far About Kanye’s New Album ‘Jesus Is King’
Everything We Know so Far About Kanye’s New Album ‘Jesus Is King’
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Do you know 72-HOUR POST FIGHT?

Do you know 72-HOUR POST FIGHT? Contributors · 5 months ago · Music

72-HOUR POST FIGHT is a musical project and collaboration between Carlo Luciano Porrini -a member of the band LEUTE since 2014 also known as Fight Pausa – and Luca Bolognesi, who has been releasing music as Palazzi D’Oriente since 2017. They met at high school and they shared musical and personal experiences over the years. It wasn’t until mid-2017 that they released their first official collaboration – Palazzi D’Oriente’s debut EP ‘morgengabe‘, where Carlo is credited for writing guitar and bass parts on a few tracks. following ‘morgengabe’, they decided to collaborate on a full-length album together. Here they blended jazz and emo composition into their typical electronic, downtempo and ambient style with the help of Adalberto Valsecchi (saxophone) and Andrea Dissimile (drummer, member of LEUTE and a touring musician for Generic Animal and Nadàr Solo). 

The album, out on is the 1st of March 2019 via La Tempesta International, was 30 minutes non-stop stream of electronic fields and musical twists, propelled by jazzy sax improvisation, jagged guitars and swinging drum breaks. It was amazing.

Do you think it’s over now? Not at all. Shortly after the release of their genre-bending self-titled debut,  72-HOUR POST FIGHT is announcing a 100% REMIXED version of the album, featuring local and international highlights from the experimental electronic music scene. The album includes a remix for each track, carefully selected to deliver an upside-down club-oriented version of the band’s first work. The album sees UK DJ and producer Cooly G (Hyperdub Records) on the intro track, experimental jazz extraordinaire Ben Vince (Hessle Audio, 33 33) on a deconstructed version of “DEATH” and Italian-Parisian Lamusa II (HVNX, Ninja Tune, RBMA alumnus) on the chilling remix of “SUNDAY”. The track “LOST MY” is produced by frequent collaborator and friend Riva (Myss Keta, Motel Forlanini), delivering a menacing and left-field tech-house journey. “TALK” and “72-HOUR OUTRO” are the most hip-hop oriented tracks, respectively handled by Italian lo-fi’s secret legend Wuf (HHV Records) and Milan-based artists Ayce Bio & Prev (Funclab Records). The band’s debut track “HANG” is remixed by Italian producer Yakamoto Kotzuga (La Tempesta Dischi), whereas “LOITER” is re-interpreted by avant-garde electronic producer Weightausend (Haunter Records).

72-Hour Post Fight is currently touring some of the most established Italian festivals. From this autumn, the guys will bring their music in different live formats to international avant-garde venues and festivals such as ClubToClub and Club Adriatico. So we’re waiting for this next step and we wish you good luck!

72hour post fight Lost My |
72hour post fight Lost My |
72hour post fight Lost My |
72hour post fight Lost My |
72hour post fight Lost My |
72hour post fight Lost My |

Text by Bianca Felicori
Photo by Giulia Bersani

Do you know 72-HOUR POST FIGHT?
Do you know 72-HOUR POST FIGHT?
Do you know 72-HOUR POST FIGHT?
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10 videos you need in your life this week

10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno · 5 months ago · Music

Birthh – Supermarkets

Alice Bisi has returned under her moniker Birthh with the new single Supermarkets that mixes playful pop with some jazz elements. In the accompanying video directed by herself and shot between Genoa and her home town of Vaniano she reveals the existential stuff in her life.


It seems that LA NIÑA will become the Italian Rosalía before we know it. This week she has shared the new track NIENTE CCHIÙ produced by KWSK NINJA who also directed the accompanying video. The clip contains some good references like Pina Bausch and Marina Abramović, showing a nonstop loop in black and white.

Arlo Parks – Second Guessing

Another piece of emotional bedroom pop by Arlo Parks. Second Guessing is about “strength and the possibility of self fulfilment” and it’s the first glimpse into her forthcoming EP titled Sophie that will be released on 29th November.

Marika Hackman – hand solo

“Female self pleasure rules!”
Marika Hackman sings an ode to female masturbation in her latest track hand solo. The accompanying visual directed by Sam Bailey offers a montage of masturbating on loads of everyday objects like a strawberry cake or a big seashell.
Despite this video being playful, it seriously wants to make a serious point at the end that female masturbation is still perceived as something shameful and embarrassing.

Colapesce e Mace – Immaginario

still talking about imaginary love…

Family Time – Room 301

Autumn does not exist. Let’s enjoy the summer forever with this new track by Family Time that next week will release their debut LP The Great Abismo.

Willie J Healey – Songs For Joanna

Classic English video, so English that the lawn is also used as a table cloth.

Venerus – Fulmini/Il Fu Venerus (Live Session @Roma)

It’s a kind of magic

Erlend Øye & La Comitiva – Paradiso

Erlend walks around Syracuse wearing a hat with the written “Venice” as a metaphor of a mediterranean drama: when the summer is over some people have to leave the “Paradiso” of southern Italy to return to work in northern Italy.

Peggy Gou – Starry Night

The dreamy video for Starry Night shows some gorgeous footage in Gou’s native South Korea: the filmmaker Jonas Linstroem captures cinematic shots of children practicing martial arts, Korean women dancing and mixes them with some stunning landscape scenes.

10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
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