Design Gacha, the Muji shuttle bus for all weather conditions

Gacha, the Muji shuttle bus for all weather conditions

Giulia Guido
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It was officially presented a few days ago, Gacha, the project on which are working in collaboration Muji, the Japanese multinational with a simple and sophisticated design, and Sensible 4, a Finnish company specializing in the creation of autonomous vehicles.

The project is visionary and futuristic because Gacha will be the first shuttle bus in the world designed to circulate in any weather condition. Unlike other automotive companies, which test their products in warm countries, Sensible 4 has carried out tests on this new technology in Lapland, a region where, in the middle of winter, temperatures can drop to -35 degrees Celsius.

If the Sensible 4 team took care of the technological side, Muji thought of aesthetics. The design of the small Gacha has no marked lines or sharp shapes, on the contrary, the shuttle bus has neither the front nor the rear, thus reducing everything to a parallelepiped on wheels. The Japanese company also focused its attention on the internal elements, which perfectly follow the shapes of the structure.

The official presentation of the first Gacha will take place in March 2019 in Helsinki.

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Written by Giulia Guido
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