Gorillaz x G-shock: Russell, Murdoc, 2D and Noodle tell us about the collaboration

17 December 2018

On the occasion of the launch of Gorillaz x G-shock we went to London and we managed to get the collection presented by the members of the band.

Gorillaz, the most famous virtual band in the world, as well as continuing to amaze the public with their music, have recently entered the world of fashion by working with different brands. Their latest collaboration, which we have already talked about HERE, saw them working alongside one of the giants of the watchmaking industry, G-shock, presenting Gorillaz x G-shock.

To better show this project, Gorillaz had published two videos that saw the members of the band on a mission on behalf of Mr. Ibe. Now that they’re back from space they’ve managed to have a chat with both the founder of G-shock and us at Collater.al. After all, no one better than Russell, Murdoc, 2D, and Noodle can talk about this collection, about music, about future projects and strange concerts in the inter-space.

What is G-Time? (Talk about the partnership).

Russel: Gorillaz always strives to be in the moment, reflecting the present like a funked-up, interdimensional hall of mirrors. What is G-Time? It’s right Now, the only time that matters. So it was totally natural to hook-up with an iconic timepiece.

Which characteristics of the Gorillaz we find in this collection in collaboration with G-shock?

Murdoc: Well, while it’s impossible to reduce a being as terrifyingly complex as Murdoc Niccals into a wristwatch, G-Shock have had a bloody good stab. The Murdoc watch is suave, moody and just a little bit cheeky, while also pulsing with sexual energy. The other ones are top-notch in their own way, but obvs nowhere near as sexy.

Who set the mission 101? What is the mission?

2D: Mr. Ibe, the guy who invented the G-Shock watches. He told us his dream about going to space and giving his watches to aliens, and I was like, “Whoa, that’s a cool dream, do you want to hear the dream I had last night?”, and he said no. So we just focused on his dream.

2D’s tiny tiny shorts and now G-shock watches, are you guys going into fashion or something?

Noodle: We already have one foot in fashion – literally – with our G-Foot line which is super fun to work on. New drop coming in December!

Are Gorillaz doing a gig in space?

Murdoc: Problem with doing a gig in space is sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum. You’d have to dole out headphones like it was one of those horribly bourgeois silent discos, and there’s no way I would put my name to that. Well, depending on the pay packet.

Are there any new tracks to go with this collaboration?

Murdoc: As if traveling several million light years up the arse crack of the cosmos isn’t enough! Not to mention that we’ve released two ball-achingly good albums in a little over a year. Bloody hell, the audacity of some people. But yes, a Tranz remix by Sibot is yours with every Gorillaz X G-Shock purchase.

How would you define today’s Gorillaz compared to the first Gorillaz?

2D: I always try to focus on the present, on the Now. And also, I can’t remember that far back due to various head injuries over the years.

You were born as a virtual band in times when today’s social world was far away. Now that everything is digitized and virtual, what is your point of view on the world of social and the web?

Russel: Yeah man, people are digitising themselves like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Hiding behind avatars and touched-up selfies. Sometimes it feels like Gorillaz are the realist thing out there.

What should we expect from the Gorillaz in the future?

Noodle: Gorillaz will always have something to say when the time is right. This isn’t sayonara… 

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