Art Nero D’Inferno and Grog, the new writer’s colour

Nero D’Inferno and Grog, the new writer’s colour

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It is difficult to trace the dynamics that have led a dye designed for leather to become one of the favourite tools of writers and graffiti artists all over the world. This is the story of Nero D’Inferno, the company that has helped spread the culture of colour in underground environments, which has presented the Nero D’Inferno Chronicle Edition, a new project created together with Grog.
Two very important players in the urban culture of graffiti and handstyle, who have created a limited edition of 1800 hand-numbered 100ml bottles of colour, and a 45-page booklet contained in each box that traces the history of the collaboration, through the words of great artists and writers.

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The history linking Nero D’Inferno to artistic culture is therefore rather coincidental, starting in the early 90s (in the meantime produced by Fabbrica Chimica Unione since 1983) writers began to take an interest in black tubes, trusting in the qualities of the product without any marketing strategy by the brand aimed at the creative world.
From that moment on, the walls of the cities began to fill with tags, but it is impossible to trace who first used a shoe polish to write the name of their crew. The effect and involvement of the scene was immediate and surprising, a legacy that has been passed down through the evolution of street subcultures and has made its way to Nero D’Inferno Chronicle Edition.

Nero D'Inferno |

Two brands that are an institution in the field come together for a project that tells a lot about the urban dimension of art. The testimonials in the booklet by Spice, Trout, Sten, Fuck113, Kontrol, Foe, Buny and Robin recount the turning point of street writing and also the attention paid to products that are increasingly environmentally friendly.
A continuous overturning of the rules and perception of what surrounds us: this is the story of the underground movements of the ’90s which continue to inspire contemporary culture, and the story of a product which has reached from shoe factories to the shelters, walls and canvases of brilliant creative minds all over the world could not have been any other way.

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