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Harry, the stool inspired by Japanese aesthetics Contributors

Massproduction is a Swedish design studio that made a drastic decision in 2009: to detach itself from the pressing dynamics of public relations in design and found a reality that focuses on the relationship between object and context. To put this vision into practice, they decided to take control of the entire production process: from production to marketing. Today, on the occasion of the debut of the red colorway of Harry, we want to tell the inspiration behind one of the most interesting pieces created by Massproductions.

harry massproduction

Do you recognize something in the features of Harry, the stool by Massproduction? There are two elements linked to the Japanese imaginary: traditional Japanese joining techniques and the structure of the Torii – the gateway to Shinto shrines. «I wanted to create something in laminated wood, using very simple shapes to make something three-dimensional from something quite two-dimensional. But I was struggling to work out how to join the seat and the base, because the laminations are quite thin which makes it hard to use glue or screws. In the end, I just used wooden wedges to pin them together – giving the piece a nice tactile fee» says Chris Martin, Designer-In-Chief at Massproductions.

Looking at Harry, there are two laminated elements held together by two solid wooden wedges. The result is a simple and functional stool that provides the versatility needed for various uses. Not just a stool but also a footrest and side table, ideal for those who experience spaces without labels and in a somewhat chaotic manner.

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