Design He Art Museum, the project by Tadao Ando

He Art Museum, the project by Tadao Ando

Giulia Guido

The first images and rumors about the new project by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando had started shooting at the beginning of the year, now, almost 10 months later, it has finally been completed and will open next October 1. 
It is a new museum for the Chinese district of Shunde (about an hour and a half from Macao), called He Art Museum, a name that brings back to its founder He Jianfeng but not only. In fact, in Chinese “He” is a word that carries different meanings, including harmony and union, two elements around which the entire building was designed. 

Through different architectural features, the museum and its design have been designed to pay homage to Chinese tradition and culture. 

The entire structure is based on the overlapping and connection of elliptical elements starting from the building plan. The He Art Museum has 4 elliptical floors that increase in size as you go up. 

But also inside we find this shape: the main element of the museum is the double helix staircase that starts from the atrium of the ground floor and goes up to the ceiling, up to a huge skylight that illuminates the entire space and emphasizing the monumental aspect of the structure, due also to the use of reinforced concrete, a material often present in Tadao Ando’s projects. 

To complete the He Art Museum there is the external part, with a crescent-shaped courtyard and a pond that surrounds the entire structure and, in addition to serving as a cooling system, creates a play of reflected light giving the museum, especially at night, a crumbling air. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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