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The history of Nike SB “eBay” Dunk

Andrea Tuzio

On February 29th will be released one of the most anticipated sneakers of the year, we are talking about the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low.

But no story can be told without starting from the beginning.
A fundamental part of the history of the contemporary sneaker game is for sure the SB line of Nike, the division of the Beaverton company that takes care of all the apparel related to skateboarding.
Born on the model of the Dunk – basketball shoe of the mid 80’s – the Nike SB has played a crucial role in the birth of collecting, reselling and the phenomenon of campouts around the world.

It is thought that everything was born with the famous release of the Nike SB Dunk “Pigeon” in New York when in 2005 Jeff Staple made a pair of SB Dunk dedicated to the Big Apple and that unleashed a real delirium outside the shops where you could buy them. The “Pigeons” were the last released sneakers of the “City Pack” series, only 150 pairs were made, 30 for each shop (5 in all New York), but only in Jeff’s shop, at 151 Orchard Street, the shoes were numbered.
What happened on February 22, 2005, the day of the drop, is history.

The NYPD arrested more than 20 of the 150 people who lurked outside the store, including real thugs ready to rob the lucky ones who managed to grab a couple of those SBs. The NYPD found knives, bars, and even a machete, the event was so prominent that the next day, the New York Post dedicated the front page to the events of Orchard Street with an unmistakable title: “Sneaker Frenzy“.

But there was an event, two years earlier, that anticipated this “frenzy”.
In 2003, Nike auctioned off on eBay, a pair of SB Dunk customized with the colors and font of the online sales giant, the Nike SB “eBay” Dunk. The shoes in question were sold for $26,000 and all the proceeds were donated to the foundation dedicated to Tim Braunch, a skateboarder from San Jose who died of cardiac arrest at the age of 25, for the construction of new skate parks in the Portland area.

Apparently, the pair sold wasn’t the only one produced.
Nike produced a total of 3, after the sale of the first, the second pair of SB “eBay” Dunk was cut with a saw in 4 parts while, to know the fate of the third, we had to wait until 2018.

When Alexander “Sandy” Bodecker, one of Nike’s most fervent creative minds who made a clear contribution to the success of the SB line, who died prematurely of cancer at the age of 68, revealed that the company gave him a pair the day he left his place at Nike.

Alexander “Sandy” Bodecker

To date, the name of the winner of the auction dedicated to the Nike SB “eBay” Dunk is not known, however, it seems that the shoes never moved from Beaverton, Oregon (where Nike’s headquarters is located) and that it was one of the members of the board of directors of Nike at the time who bought them.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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