Art You must see the new exhibition of the street artist Hogre

You must see the new exhibition of the street artist Hogre

Tommaso Berra
Hogre |

If you are a fan of contemporary auctions or more specifically of street art, Hogre will not be a new name for you, but one of the most interesting artists to follow on the scene, for fifteen years now. To celebrate the history of the Roman street artist, starting from May 4, inaugurates “Hogre. Anthological 2007/2022“, the personal exhibition curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto and set up at the Wunderkammern in Rome, Via Giulia 180, will open on May 4th.
The attention towards Hogre was born in 2006 with polemic interventions on Silvio Berlusconi’s electoral posters in the Tufello district, in the capital. Only five years went by before he had his first solo exhibition, preceded by graffiti and stencils all over Europe and followed by other exhibitions that broadened the artist’s following.

What mostly characterizes Hogre’s works is the provocative and ironic style towards the world, mimicking advertising campaigns and big companies, of which the artist unmasks the lies and faults about issues such as environmental pollution.
Among the most famous works are the one against Ryanair, renamed Ruinair, with which you can fly to the plastic island in the Pacific Ocean. Great attention is also paid to the visual and conceptual world of the social network, and a wide variety of techniques such as oil painting, acrylic, digital painting, 3D modeling and screen printing. On canvas is Alias kiss of the Aqueducts, a reproduction of a stencil Hogre made in 2020 on a Roman cistern from the 2nd century AD.
Hogre’s urban interventions have always been on the borderline of legality, the exhibition size certainly changes the perception but allows to appreciate the variety of themes and references in a single space. During the exhibition will be available also the book realized by the artist together with Wunderkammern and Interno Notte. Two hundred copies with hand-painted cover and pencil sketches inside.
“Hogre. Anthological 2007/2022” opens May 4 at 5 p.m., info on Wunderkammern’s website.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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