Design House Gallery Boafo, a modern home-studio in Ghana

House Gallery Boafo, a modern home-studio in Ghana

Giulia Guido

Amoako Boafo is an artist and painter who has amazed and fascinated the contemporary art world with his works that tell and celebrate black culture and the black community. Based in Vienna, Amoako has Ghanaian origins and, driven by the desire to return to his hometown, the artist turned to the Viennese studio Tzou Lubroth Architekten asking to design a house that would also be an art studio, a residence for three artists but also an art gallery, to be built in Accra. 

The architects of the studio founded by Chieh-shu Tzou and Gregorio Santamaria Lubroth, who have always worked with great consideration for both the environment in which the projects will be realized and the desires of those who will then live there, have created the House Gallery Boafo

The House Gallery Boafo is divided into two large blocks, the first one dedicated to Amoako’s house and his studio and the second one dedicated to art residences, public gallery and common areas such as the dining room. The two blocks are divided by a courtyard with a swimming pool above which passes a circular staircase that connects the different spaces. 

The separation between public and private has been completely canceled and the House Gallery Boafo presents itself to the community of Accra as a new place to give space and feed the local art scene.

Written by Giulia Guido
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