Design House Wabi, the Zen paradise for artists and community

House Wabi, the Zen paradise for artists and community

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House Wabi, the Zen paradise for artists and community

Tadao Ando’s project is called House Wabi and is located on the sunny coast of Oaxaca, near Puerto Escondido in Mexico. It was built on the principle of wabi-sabi, according to which beauty is inherent in the imperfections of life.

Ando brought together eight architects and conceived six independent residences grouped around the main central complex, a concrete wall, 312 meters long, which cuts through the dunes parallel to the sea and runs from east to west sides. To the right and left of the barrier, there are structures positioned according to a precise logic that, in addition to the residences, include two common studios, an exhibition gallery, a projection room, several multi-purpose spaces, an observatory and 24 hectares of a botanical garden. Imagining the environment as a place of rest, according to Japanese philosophy Zen, were designed several creative areas, large spaces on one floor and also a swimming pool located on a long and narrow platform that ends directly on the beach.

The main block and the residences are in “brutalist” concrete, which characterizes most of the architect’s projects, combined with one of the most iconic and rustic buildings in the region: the palapa, a Mexican-style pavilion with open sides and a straw roof made from dried palm leaves.
The result? Balance and harmony between local tradition and modern architecture by exploiting and broadening the favorable aspects of the conditions of the surrounding environment.

The most attractive aspect is that artists can stay free of charge for a flexible period ranging from 15 days to 3 months and follow a program based on collaboration and the involvement of the local community. During their stay, guests are invited to keep a diary of their experiences in an artistic format of their choice, so that these testimonies can become part of the House Wabi archive.

Text by: Elisa Scotti

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