Design An afternoon at the Toiletpaper Home with Huawei

An afternoon at the Toiletpaper Home with Huawei

Giulia Guido

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to decide which device to trust. So many devices are presented with so many features that the only thing that sticks in your mind is a sort of confusion that dampens the impulse or need to buy. Often this indecision can be resolved by giving the smartphone, computer or tablet in question a chance to try it out. Speaking of tablets and testing products, a few days ago Huawei organised a day to discover the brand new Huawei Matepad 11, in collaboration with one of the most eccentric and original companies on the Milanese scene, Toiletpaper.

On Monday 27 September, the Toiletpaper Home in Via Balzaretti opened its doors to a group of lucky people who had the chance to spend the afternoon in the company of two exceptional artists. 

The illustrator Ale Giorgini from Vicenza and the art director and graphic designer Antonio Colomboni who held a workshop with the new tablet and the participants had fun playing with all its features, drawing with the wonderful Huawei M-Pencil

It’s a great tool for a professional in the field but, at the same time, it also puts novices at ease. After a bit of practice, drawing and creating content with shapes and colours becomes natural and easy for everyone.” – Ale Giorgini. 

The guests also had fun colouring in the famous graphic with the hands holding lipsticks designed by Colomboni, which has now become one of Toiletpaper’s trademarks, so much so that it can be found on the external facade of the house in Via Balzaretti. 

“In my work it is important to experiment and I prefer to try out different devices to get the result I want. Without good technical help, you can’t create, even from a very good idea. What I really appreciate about the MatePad 11 is the quality of the display in terms of colour rendering and the intuitive use of all the functions, including those for connection to the MateView monitor.” – Antonio Colomboni

Visit the Huawei website to discover all the details of the Matpad 11 and browse the gallery below to relive the best moments of the workshop at Toiletpaper Home. 

Toiletpaper Home con Huawei
Toiletpaper Home con Huawei
Written by Giulia Guido
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