A dive deep into the art of Etnia Barcelona’s latest collection

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It is not taken for granted that the eyes are the starting point in the research and life of an eyewear brand. For Etnia Barcelona, for example, the eyes are an indispensable element in the construction of the shape, which becomes a recurring, material and surreal obsession.
The eye is also at the center of the latest collection presented by the Spanish brand, which returns to collaborate after two years with multidisciplinary artist Ignasi Monreal, for a limited edition capsule composed of a model declined in 3 different colors: lavender, teal, havana.
Etnia Barcelona thus reinforces its link with art, which is always present in its collections, for which the brand has collaborated with some of the greatest creative minds of our time such as David Bowie or Jean-Michel Basquiat, following an approach directed to free expression, without creative barriers.

Ignasi Monreal brought to this project his ability to combine settings and references from classical and medieval art with contemporary references, which produces a surrealist effect typical of the artist’s works. The gaze of the subjects represented by Monreal is an important element in amplifying the dreamlike dimension of the scene, whether it is cold as in Flemish paintings or enriched with color. In this collection, the artist chooses to place at the center of the design precisely a stylized jade eye, positioned on the side of the eyeglass with a black pupil that gives expressive and decorative depth to the element. The material chosen to enrich the new models of the capsule called “OJO VOL.2” also refers to the Asian tradition, in which jade stones are associated with the heart chakra, as well as an idea of nobility and wealth that goes hand in hand with the quality of the materials chosen by the brand.

The lenses chosen for the capsule do not hide the eyes, this choice is an invitation to look further, to express emotions and not give up finding inspirations in the most immediate way we have available to us.
With a process similar to Ignasi Monreal’s, combining real and imaginary, fairy tale and pop, Korean photographer Cho Gi-Seok worked for the shots of the “OJO VOL.2” launch campaign. In the images, the photographer managed to convey the impossibility of defining the creative process behind the collection in precise coordinates. Combining elements such as butterflies, flowers, fire and water Gi-Seok has architected an otherworldly setup in which man and nature are in balance, in some ways mysterious but intriguing and colorful, like this latest Etnia Barcelona collection.

A dive deep into the art of Etnia Barcelona’s latest collection
A dive deep into the art of Etnia Barcelona’s latest collection
A dive deep into the art of Etnia Barcelona’s latest collection
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