Photography Adolescence in the photographs of Milena Pazos

Adolescence in the photographs of Milena Pazos

Giulia Guido

We often hear photographers and artists talk about how their artistic medium is a way to tell about what surrounds them, the world they live in and the feelings they have. Well, in the case of Milena Pazos this could not be more true. 

Milena Pazos is a very young photographer from Argentina, but despite her 19 years of age she already knows how to use the camera with mastery and her shots are characterized by a well-defined style. 

Milena began photographing in 2015 and her focus was mainly on the world around her: her shots became a testimony of the adolescent period and femininity. 

The protagonists of her photographs are herself and her friends, but there is also no lack of more abstract works, in which we manage to capture only a few details and in which Milena plays with movement and color. 

“The documentary aspect of my work, exploring the different aspects of adolescence and femininity are usually interlinked with a visual search in regards to themes about the oniric and the unconscious.”

In addition to scrolling below our gallery, we invite you to also visit her website, where you will find all her works, from the more dreamlike ones like “Oneiros” to those related to current events like “Marea” in which you will find photographs taken on the streets of Buenos Aires during the demonstrations in favor of the legalization of abortion. Ah! Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram

Written by Giulia Guido
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