We interviewed Michael Dupouy while he was signing the 2016 edition of ‘All Gone’

22 February 2017

We had the chance to meet Michael Dupouy, author of 'All Gone 2016', the cult book about the most sought items of street culture.

Saturday, Slam Jam, hosted Michael Dupouy the author of the street culture bible ‘All gone’.
We had the chance to meet him and ask some questions about his project.

What did inspire you to start the ‘All Gone’ project?

I used to be a journalist before and I’m attached to the physical product, but everybody, at the beginning of the year 2000/2002, was saying the same: “web gonna kill magazines and physical document, everything gonna be digital.”
So, like everybody, I started writing online but after few years I wasn’t sure about that.
Instead of promoting present and future the web is fantastic, but when you want to document the past, when you want to remember what was cool before a book is always better.

So, this is why a started my project.

How your items selection does work?

Like you when you go into the stores, you do your own selection of what you like and what you don’t like.
I do exactly the same, I’m like you, I go online every day, I’m traveling the world and when I love something if the story behind the product is cool I need to tell the people about the story.
Then, at the end of the year, we start doing a selection of all the products because they have to be interesting for everyone around the world.

Your book is often called the street culture bible, did you ever imagine to reach this kind of success?

I never call it like that but thank you for this.
Honestly no, I started selling copies just at Colette, in Paris.
It was impossible to me imagine myself, eleven years after, doing this interview with you here in Milan and selling thousands of book every year and touring the world.
I was expecting people to like the book but not one can complain.

In your book, you also talk about art. In your opinion, after reaching High Fashion, streetwear will also enter in art galleries?

It depends, if you go to a museum to see the archive of super famous creative after legendary success, why not.
But I can’t imagine a museum, in 30 years, showing everything about streetwear.
Maybe it can be interesting for a generation like you and me to transmit the stories of this brands to the next generation, so maybe in this way, it can be possible.

We know you are a fan of PSG, what do you think about the relationship between sport and fashion?

I think is the key to everything, I started collecting sneakers when sneakers were not in stores like that but only in sport’s store.
The sport will be always the key .

Which is your favorite piece of this year?  And your favorite sneakers?

I don’t have one, it’s complicated to have one when there are so many products.
But if you ask me what’s the best product in the whole book I think the “Boys don’t cry magazine” from Frank Ocean including the CD.

How has streetwear changed since you started your project?

It’s incredible, it used to be for few people in the world and now it’s the most consume culture in the world, it’s completely pop.
Everyone in this world knows about streetwear, you can live in Indonesia, in a small city in Italy and in the deep far west in the USA, everyone knows streetwear.

In your opinion, would it make sense to bring it back to a smaller market of enthusiasts?

No, for me it’s a victory.

How your relationship with brands has changed and how this influences your choices?

They always try, but if you want the book to look real for the people who buy it you can’t listen to them.
If it’s become full of bad products or advertising people won’t buy it and they would say “this book is shit.”

What do you expect from streetwear in the coming future?

Maybe to propose less product, more quality, and less quantity because I feel we are surrounded by new stuff and it’s complicated for the public, for the media, it’s complicated even for the stores to tell the stories about everything.

Abbiamo intervistato Michael Dupouy mentre firmava l'edizione 2016 di All Gone | Collater.al
Abbiamo intervistato Michael Dupouy mentre firmava l'edizione 2016 di All Gone | Collater.al
Abbiamo intervistato Michael Dupouy mentre firmava l'edizione 2016 di All Gone | Collater.al

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