Style The Evolution of Uzbek Style According to J.Kim

The Evolution of Uzbek Style According to J.Kim

Anna Frattini

We’ve already discussed it during the launch of the beachwear capsule collection, but J.Kim continues to tell the story of Uzbek women and how they dress in the era of globalization and social media. Presenting the Spring/Summer 2024 collection of the brand during the just concluded Paris Fashion Week, Jenia Kim offers a different perspective for a look at how Uzbek style has changed. A truly unique point of view. ss24

The most authentic Uzbek style has progressively shifted towards a more basic approach, so in the new Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Jenia has introduced a new silhouette by reinterpreting the traditional clothing of her country. Overlayering is one of the features we find in the overall dress and balloon skirt shorts. While the prints and the variety of textures immediately catch the eye, a nod to the nature and passion of Uzbek women is clear. J.Kim’s intention is precisely to reflect on their personalities by showing how their style has evolved over time.

“More is more” or “Too much is never too much” are two similar concepts that reappear in this collection, which also draws inspiration from the local wedding dresses, decorated to the maximum. This component can be found in small details of the collection, on satin bags and handles. It’s a detail designed not to forget the generosity of Uzbek women, celebrating them and giving space to this culture that is not talked about enough.

Written by Anna Frattini
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