Style J.Kim’s analog road trip

J.Kim’s analog road trip

Anna Frattini

Chilla is J.Kim‘s first beachwear capsule collection that focuses on teenage inspirations while managing to convey a message with a flavor of freedom and candor of those who have no worries. The concept stems from the word chilla – in Uzbek, the annual heat wave – which forces city dwellers to surrender to the heat. Thus begins J.Kim’s journey from Tashkent that takes us an hour from the capital for a road trip in honor of the presentation of the beachwear collection. We find ourselves on Lake Charvak, near the Chichiq River and the Tian Shan Mountains, which attracts a multitude of people every year to the shore on tapchan loungers.

A road trip with J.Kim

The protagonists of this road trip are a group of young girls in a Daewoo – the quintessential Uzbek car – embodying the typical lightness of adolescence. On the way, they can’t help but stop and buy some qatiq yoghurt – to be used instead of sunscreen – and melons. All this to spend a night out of the city. This adventure, shot in analog for J.Kim by Hassan Kurbanbaev perfectly tells the multicultural inspiration behind this collection, designed by Uzbek Creative Director Jenia Kim.

The beachwear collection

J.Kim’s first signature swimwear line sees the brand’s well-established visual language flourish in a new key. Bikinis, trikinis, and one-piece swimsuits are distinguished by floral cut-outs and cut-outs or knots. J.Kim uses a fabric classified by the Global Recycle Standard, containing only materials derived from plastic bottles or industrial waste. But not only swimsuits, this collection also contains sheer cover-ups to match tank tops and leggings.

J.Kim’s collections show the designer’s willingness to establish her personal visual identity by drawing inspiration from her multiculturalism. In fact, Jenia Kim, although raised in Uzbekistan, comes from a Korean Soviet family. That is why in her clothes we see both historical backgrounds and contemporary silhouettes reflected, where imagination accompanies reality.

Written by Anna Frattini
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