Art Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater world

Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater world

Anna Frattini

Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor, environmentalist and professional photographer engaged in the construction of museums and underwater sculpture parks. The topics covered by Taylor regarding the climate emergency, environmental activism and the regenerative capacity of nature.

Remaining underwater, the artist’s sculptures transform and over time provide a new habitat for marine fauna and flora. All made with durable concrete, can provide a stable platform that allows corals to stick and grow. The uniqueness of these underwater sculptures focuses on the relationship between art and environment that intersect with social issues, such as the worrying condition of the marine ecosystem destined to affect human life. Taylor’s intention is to make viewers reflect on these issues, offering a different point of view for a better future even underwater.

Taylor’s first sculpture, The Lost Correspondent – made in collaboration with a marine biologist and a local diving center – was located off the coast of Grenada, Jamaica, an area destroyed by Hurricane Ivan. The sculpture quickly transformed and over time other elements were added, 26 at the end. Thus was born the world’s first underwater sculpture park. From this moment on, Taylor’s projects have become more and more extensive up to the submerged garden of Lanzarote. Since 2009 the underwater sites made by deCaires Taylor are almost twenty around the world and visitors over half a million.

The Atlántico Museum of Lanzarote, about three hundred meters from the coast and twelve meters deep, houses an exhibition of over 250 statues that depict, life-size, some inhabitants of the island selected by James deCaires Taylor, pioneer of this new environmental and underwater frontier in the art world.

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Written by Anna Frattini
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