Music Our interview with Laila Al Habash: the new album “Mystic Motel”

Our interview with Laila Al Habash: the new album “Mystic Motel”

Cristiano Di Capua

Last week, precisely on November 5, Laila Al Habash‘s first official album “Mystic Motel” was released on the Undamento label. The productions of the whole album have been entrusted to STABBER and Niccolò Contessa who, with the Roman-Palestinian singer, have created a carousel album, colorful and never boring.
Surely you have heard of her, she has released a series of tracks such as “Bluetooth” and “Come Quella Volta” with which she was known by the general public, and she has been in the spotlight for a while thanks to Spotify’s Radar project, as well as being the face of the Spotify Equal initiative.
The album is a work composed of 12 different “rooms”, each with a soundscape quite different from the others, which host us inside them for a short but intense journey: a real musical motel that gives us a general view of the influences of this artist. The work was anticipated by the 3 singles “Ponza”, “Oracle” and “Jealous”, which were able to give us an idea of the eclecticism of what would then be the work of “Mystic Motel”.

In short, this is definitely an interesting project and one that makes us curious, so decided to ride this curiosity and ask Laila 5 questions to better frame a musical work that we hope will take her even higher:

“Mystic Motel” is your first album. I guess it is a real checkpoint in your musical career. Can you explain us the choice of this name by what was guided by?
After Moquette I wanted to bring the listener into something bigger, not a room with a carpet but a real with a carpet but a real hotel with a mystical flavor.

The music you release is always colorful and iridescent, you never get bored. How important is the contamination of other cultures in your music?
A lot, I always study, I listen to a lot of music, even the one I don’t like. So my ears never get used to the same thing and I can produce different things but always connected by my taste and my but always connected by my taste and my feelings.

Inside the album there is only one featuring: Coez. What was it like working with a personality like him? Was the creative process smooth?
Very smooth, we wrote everything in one night, from a distance, he in Rome and I at my home in Milan. It was nice and easy because Silvano is an easy-going person, extremely clear and professional, all qualities that I admire and appreciate.

Laila Al Habash

“Mystic Motel” is a really rich album, there is so much to listen to. Was it born by chance or was it a real need to express yourself at your best and say everything you had in your head?
By chance, I for example can’t perceive this abundance, because I’m just me, that’s just the way I am. I’m going to change a lot over time and Mystic Motel is kind of a picture of how I am now.

2021 has been a year full of satisfaction for you and your artistic career. Did the forced quarantine stop period, in a way, allow you to have that boost? How did you experience it?
In the first quarantine of 2020 I took 5 exams and graduated, in the second one of 2020/2021 instead I worked my way through the exit of Moquette. I experienced it well because I am just as fine on my own as I am with company. I blamed it on other fronts but not on the work one, fortunately.

Written by Cristiano Di Capua
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