LandOutriders – Two days in Cortina with Dailybreakfast

Autumn is a passing season, with a crazy weather changing from cold and ugly mornings to afternoons able to give amazing sunsets.

Just in one of those afternoons, we leave Milan for the Dolomites. At the A4 on-ramp to go up to Cortina, the sun is a red ball burning behind us.

Cortina shrouded in mist gives us a good morning. We don’t let ourselves be discouraged by the wather and with the New Discovery we go up towards Misurina and the Parco delle Tre Cime. What we find on our road is mystical and exciting at the same time: teal lakes with crystal clear water, happy horses in the valleys, a donkey who sings, believing to be good, and endless landscapes dyed red, yellow and green, the colors of autumn.

Lake Misurina is enchanting, almost magical. Thanks to the first cold weather and the closures before the winter season there aren’t so many tourists around and it’s possible to enjoy the view in total peace of mind.

I have marked some places on the map I would like to visit: Croda da Lago and its hut; Limides Lake; Sorapis Lake. We venture towards the first.

Driving, admiring the landscape, stopping to photograph every detail that captures our attention, we lose ourselves. Our Land Lover seems to guiding us and we find ourselves someplace else.

We decide to take a walk in the village after lunch. Cortina is so small that it looks like a family village. The classic Italian village, a road with shops and bars where everyone seems to know each other, and although it’s famous for the cold and ski season, is really welcoming.

If on the first day has thrown us fog and a few rays of sunshine, the second day brought rain and white skies with it. Gianluca, who moved from Valtellina to work here, confirms that for the lakes that we would have liked to admire it takes hours of walking, which unfortunately we don’t have at our disposal. We decide to change the tour to return to Milan and instead of returning from Cadore and Treviso, we climb further north, on the border with Austria. We veneto Veneto for South Tyrol.

The Braies Lake is an obligatory stop on the way back. We decided to lose ourselves in the paths around the lake, to take pictures, to breathe pure air, to contemplate the color of the water. You can also rent wooden boats to sail the lake.

Back to our car we noticed that we didn’t have much time to visit Brunico, on the list of places to see. Together with Corvara, Bolzano, and who knows how many other places in the area.

A full of Tyrolean products, specks, mountain cheeses and local wines and then on our way to Milan, driving through castles and vineyards with the return ticket already in our hand.

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LandOutriders – Due giorni a Cortina con Dailybreakfast | 9

LandOutriders – Due giorni a Cortina con Dailybreakfast | 12

Misurina Lake
Tre Cime
San Candido
Braies Lake

Locanda del Cantoniere, Cortina
Enoteca Braita Fraina, Cortina
Ristorante Pizzeria 5 Torri, Cortina
Ristorante Ra Stua, Cortina
Stauderhof, San Candido
Lanz, Service Area, South Tyrol

Cristallo Hotel, Cortina

Words and photos © Laura La Monaca

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