The star of “Sirio”, the new album by Lazza: the interview

Cristiano Di Capua · 6 months ago

Starting from April 8 will be available on every digital and physical stores “Sirio”, the new studio album by Lazza, directed by Low Kidd and Drillionare. Inside the tracklist there are some names of the Italian and worldwide scene: Geolier, Sfera Ebbasta, Noyz Narcos, French Montana and Tory Lanez. At first glance then it looks like the most ambitious work of the rapper class ’94, which offers us a journey into a sky dotted with 17 tracks, all with killer metrics and interesting beats.
It’s always nice to see Italy coming out of its geographical and musical boundaries, it awakens a sort of parochialism in all of us, especially because our country, after 5 years, is back in the top 10 of the world’s record markets. There is a lot of meat in the fire for Lazza, this is why we decided to visit him and ask him a few questions to scan even better his work on the new album “Sirio”.

How are you Jacopo? Ready? Tell me a little bit about how you’re doing.

I’m a little tense, it’s the third record you know how it is.
I feel a little bit of pressure, I’m not one of those people who focuses on people’s opinions in the first place. As I said the first person I make music for is me. It makes me feel good, I can express concepts that I couldn’t express by talking. It was born as a need.

I realized that people are often never happy, if I had given them another record like “Re Mida” they would have probably accused me to remain always the same. In Sirio I wanted to expand myself, in terms of sound and themes. I hope the listeners will understand what I tried to do.

Sirius is a white star, the brightest in the night sky. Do you define yourself as one of the brightest stars in the rap firmament in Italy?

Many people have called me that, and I thank them, but it’s not for me to say.
As for calling the album Sirio, let’s say it has a double meaning: there is a rap concept of “shining on others” for sure, but there is also another side that sees Sirio shining in the sky even when there are no other stars, it stands out even in a not so dark sky. Our industry has been completely forgotten in the last 2 years, especially the live dimension.
During these years I felt lonely, many questions were running through my head. I kept wondering if I would ever get back to doing my job, on stage, with the audience, because this is my life. My albums are made mostly with the purpose of playing them live, experiencing people’s reaction.

Okay, I guess then that you took this loneliness as a kind of redemption for yourself, to start over even more explosively.


We’ve reached the third chapter of “Overture.” If your life were a piano, would you say it had more white keys or black keys? Are you satisfied?

Odd question this. I don’t see the black keys in a negative way, Chopin himself made a study on them just on the black piano keys and it sounds super happy, after all you need black keys too, right?

All Italians remember where they were in 2006 when they won the World Cup, with all the emotions given by the victory. Where were you and what was it like to hear Tory Lanez’s voice for the first time on one of your tracks?

I remember being at my house with my girlfriend. Suddenly an audio file came in with an amazing verse and of course I didn’t believe it at first. I listened to it like 18 times right away, called my closest friends and told everyone about it and still couldn’t believe it.
Consider that I had already talked to Tory, because I’m all about having a personal and direct relationship with the artists I collaborate with. The music is affected and definitely more inspired.
It was nice of course, especially because beyond the contractual terms he really wanted to rework that piece. There’s a lot of respect between us.

I noticed with great pleasure the presence of Noyz Narcos in the album. Have you ever found influences from the Truce Klan imagery in your writing?

I’m so happy to have Noyz on the record. This year I know he turned down quite a few featuring, so the fact that he said yes to me was really an honor. As a kid I pumped the shit out of him, to this day I’m still a fan of that stuff. 
I can tell you, though, that I wasn’t influenced by their imagery. Sirius still feels like a very rap record, in terms of themes, metrics and bars – apart from a few tracks that wink at pop – but I consider myself more of a fan of that stuff, for the rest, let’s say that Noyz and I have two different interpretations of the same thing.

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Let’s talk a little bit about live shows now. Finally after years we are back to 100% capacity and you can feel the pre-covid air again at the concerts. Will the piano be with you on the next tour? Will you give it a thought?

For the piano I wouldn’t know, we’ll see. I know for a fact that people like it, in the meantime I hope the shows go well.

Last question, your record boasts a second overseas collaboration, the one with French Montana. One of his biggest hits is “No stylist” with Drake. I’ll link to this by asking: what is your relationship with fashion?

I’m going to give you a simple answer, no stylist. Because in the end I dress myself.
However, I can definitely say that I like fashion and I like it a lot, especially Japanese brands. In general I like everything, unfortunately I spend a lot of money on clothes. I also have a collection of 400 Jordans.
Back to French Montana instead I can tell you that we talked on FaceTime and it was all very sincere, he told me that he liked the song, that he was going to finish a verse for Kanye and then he would work on mine. By the way, I’ll tell you this anecdote: I sent him the piece with the hole of his verse of 12 bars. In the morning I received the piece again, but instead of 12 bars there were 16.

Well, huge satisfaction.

Sure, huge. What goes around comes around

The star of “Sirio”, the new album by Lazza: the interview
The star of “Sirio”, the new album by Lazza: the interview
The star of “Sirio”, the new album by Lazza: the interview
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