La musique électronique, five questions to Fhin

La musique électronique, five questions to Fhin

Emanuele D'Angelo

In France, they would say “Là c’est la cerise sur le gâteau“, a common expression that in English is literally translate with “the icing on the cake.”. Undoubtedly this is how the music of the young French artist Fhin, a rising star of electronic music, is identified.

Author-composer, performer and producer of his songs, Fhin proposes music that mixes neo-soul, progressive/alternative and electronic influences. This syncretism, tinged with a romantic touch and hypnotic grooves, is an invitation to dream, a cardinal notion in the conception of his repertoire. Trauma is Fhin’s first album and collects songs that are to date his most personal, a reflection of his history and his universe.

We asked Fhin 5 questions to get to know him better, to get to know his “traumas” and delve into his very personal world.

The word ‘trauma’, at least in Italian has a precise meaning, can you explain us something more about its origins and the birth of your upcoming album?Traumas are generally seen and felt as conclusions of really bad events. I think it is also a powerful thing to understand, accept and dominate to learn to live with.It is a print in each one of us, it forges personality and makes you who you are. Trauma is something you didn’t died from, it is a proof that life is precious and fragile.For the first time in that album, I wrote a lot about my childhood, mostly on a time during which I was hospitalized to remove a tumour in my spine and lung. It was not something terrible to live, I was young and naive, but i’m conscious about the luck I had to be able to walk again and everything. I often think about those memories and it will always be there somewhere in my mind.

I’m sure you could see it coming, but being Italian I must ask, is there an Italian artist of the past or present that you particularly like or that you would like to work with? 
The first Italian artist I heard and blew my mind it was Giovanni Giorgio, with his amazing soundtrack for Midnight express. He also made an awesome work on Random Access Memories. Legend!

You come from a family of musicians who play different instruments, from your mother who plays the piano very well, to your grandparents who were pianists and an opera singers on one of the biggest transatlantic liners in France, how did you approach electronic music that seems so far from the influences you received? 
Actually I’ve never learned music theory, my parents are crazy about music but didn’t put me in classes etc. I was on drums really young, and learned guitar, piano, by trying to reproduce what I was listening to. Then electronic music came naturally as I wanted to record on my computer, and was listening to a lot of new styles of music on blogs etc.

Where does the stage name Fhin come from? Why did you choose it?
I just liked how it sounded and was written. The first Idea came from Pink Floyd’s “Thin Ice”. And it approximately means the same thing in french and english when you say it, so.. voilà ! 

To conclude, it’s been a long time since your last album, what can we expect? What are your feelings?
With this one, I absolutely didn’t bother about the way I should make music so this person likes it, and this one will like it…  I didn’t want to release a corporate album with a single musical signature, one mood, like a lot of albums that are released. I think it is a heritage of old ways to produce music, when we were hiring musicians to build the album, one sound engineer, one studio. Everything on the album was then sounding a bit the same. Now we can do absolutely anything we want with an audio interface and a laptop, I think it is boring to stick to one mood/genre. So everything you will here comes straight from my heart, and there are a lot of different vibes!

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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