Photography The Restlessness of Lorena Florio’s photography

The Restlessness of Lorena Florio’s photography

Anna Frattini

Lorena Florio, born in ’96, is a photographer who has developed a distinct, eccentric, and layered aesthetic. With a degree in New Technologies from the Brera Academy, her work revolves around the inherent rifts in processes of human mutation and preservation. The restlessness of this theme serves as the starting point for the photographer’s creative process, as she approaches the Japanese art of kintsugi in her project Lacerazioni which involves the reconstruction and embellishment of a damaged object.

Lorena Florio Lacerazioni

Lorena Florio’s images bear witness to a journey of growth and transformation, becoming layered sculptural bodies. Comprised of fragments, fractures, stratifications, and reconstructions, the photographer’s work seeks to transform the act of photography into an object, presenting the audience with a strange yet incredibly captivating imagery. Florio showcases visceral figures, produced by the merging of small parts onto a new body, concealing their complexity through the presence of anthropomorphic elements.

Lorena Florio

These shots unsettle us, exposing the ever-changing nature of the human body. We are alive, yet we can never fully grasp the relentless and silent mutation of our bodies. Thanks to Florio’s photography, it is possible to perceive the buzz of the eternal, the growth in its most delicate mutability.
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Florio Lorena

Courtesy Lorena Florio

Written by Anna Frattini
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