Photography 7 questions to Louis De Belle

7 questions to Louis De Belle

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We asked Louis De Belle, a real talent photographer and editor based in Milan, to answer to 7 questions about his work and his recent project Disappearing Objects

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Louis, What means disappearing to you?

It means probably invisible aesthetic. Three of my works has three different topics but share the same common ground made of what we are allowed to see or not: taxidermy (Failed Dioramas 2015), religion (Besides Faith 2017) and illusionism (Disappearing Objects 2018). There is a moral limit that links these topics but also a physical one.

Can you extend this notion of limit?

Of course. Failed Dioramas (2015) unveils the idle interiors of a stunning apartment in Milan full of a bizarre array of hunting trophies and collector’s items, this taxidermy collection is inaccessible. Also, all the ecclesiastical stuff I photographed in Besides Faith was inaccessible. In Disappearing Objects this double limit is even more clear for the first law of illusionism “the tricks should not be revealed”.

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What about Disappearing Objects?

Disappearing Objects looks like a simple taxonomy taken in studio but it took almost two years. Finding the objects was hard but the hardest thing was the book production published by Bruno (Venice). When we decided to make it had to be just a small book but then it became a more articulated and complex thing. I had a precious collaboration with the graphic designers Giacomo Covacich and Andrea Codolo and with the American writer Jordan Hruska. When we started the project we really didn’t know how it would end but finally, the result was really good and it was very much appreciated in important contexts such as Paris Photo or the D&AD Awards in London.

What about you. You used to live in Germany and then you came back to Milan…

Yes, I studied at the Bauhaus University of Weimar and then I used to live in Berlin, it was very useful to learn about people and realities other than my hometown Milan. I had important exhibitions such as a recent collective one at the KINDL Center for Contemporary Art or my first solo exhibition in the animal anatomy museum at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin. However I decided to come back to Milan but I’m always looking for something out of our country.

Other recent projects?

I had a collaboration with the electronic music label AWRY with photographers and artists Leonardo Scotti, Ronni Campana and Domenico Romeo. At the same time, I use to work with graphic design studios (such as TOMO TOMO or Matteo Gualandris of Mousse) and architecture studios (such as Salottobuono, Ganko, Casatibuonsante or Raumplan), friends and colleagues. New projects coming soon…

…and future projects that you want to share with us?

Right now I’m working with Claire Huss – designer from Paris – for a Cartographies publication, a series of close-up photographs taken in New York during an artist’s residence. This project is all about body details of passers-by people like the big monochromatic zoom of their bodies (folds, sweat, and drapes…).

Louis De Belle Cartographies | 1
Louis De Belle Cartographies | 1

Article by Bianca Felicori.

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