Art “Lovers in Art”, a graphic novel to love

“Lovers in Art”, a graphic novel to love

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Giancarlo Ascari, in art Elfo, e Pia Valentinis have collaborated to create “Lovers in Art”, a graphic novel that deals, as the title itself says, with ten famous couples that have made art history.

Lovers in Art"

When art and passion meet and mix, wonderful stories arise, never boring, too often tormented. 

Giancarlo Ascari, illustrator and author of comics under the pseudonym of Elfo, and Pia Valentinis, illustrator of children’s books published by Rizzoli, Bompiani, Fabbri, Mondadori, have decided to narrate, in over one hundred tables, written and illustrated, moments of life in which art and love have met and strongly intertwined. 

Dante Gabriel Rossetti ed Elizabeth Siddal, August Rodin e Camille Claudel, Gustav Klimt ed Emilie Flöge, Amedeo Modigliani e Jeanne Hébuterne, Vasilij Kandinskij e Gabriele Münter, Pablo Picasso e Dora Maar, Salvador Dalì e Gala, Diego Rivera e Frida Kahlo, Alfred Stieglitz e Georgia O’Keeffe, Christo e Jeanne-Claude.

“Lovers in art” deals with overwhelming passions, masterpieces, affections in a still strongly male-dominated society. The book aims to shed new light on the role that these great women have had as painters, photographers, poets, philosophers, and not just muses of male artists that we all know better.

From passion comes passion, and from unexpected encounters can come fierce arguments, violent jealousies, but also work that hardly anyone in the world will ever see again. Some are stories of happy couples working towards a common vision of art; others tell about tragedy or intense love that leads to death; still others tell of revenge and the turning of games. In other words, art is a kaleidoscope of emotions, sensations, fears, anxieties and beauties, but one thing is certain: true artists, before being defined as such, have been extraordinary men and women, who have been able to live in complete totality their creativity and out of the ordinary nature.

Autore: Francesco Fusi

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